eSport betting tips: Over 6,000 predictions posted last year

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Still no rewards for Godsent vs Tricked and MK vs ATTAX

They finished yesterday and still no rewards given. Thanks.

Update the odds for Selfless vs LG (csgo)

I saw I need to tell you and u will update it manually. Its on 1 odds so thanks.

Ranking system as a tipster???

I am highly confused at the moment. On the global scale i rate about #1600 on the leaderboard (makes sense). However, on the tipify competition i place 8 place with +14 profit even though i am in the negative (not saying i mind it too much though :3) also when looking on a match page Keep reading...

Can I get a restart as well? :3

Sorry to bother you about this >.< I just random bet for like a week after I started, so i could analyze how teams are doing nowadays, and see how the site works. Would really appreciate it cause I want to start fresh for the upcoming major!!! Thanks so much <3

Nevermind my question before turns out tipify just is really late on confriming winner of match :/

this is just to fill up space to post

Why does tipify keep removing matches???

Constantly every time i make a call the match is removed. These matches are still official and completed on HLTV. Please this site is a really good concept. I’m just afraid the site still has to develop the basics first. If maybe I’m just delusional and what I’m saying doesn’t make sense, then I guess Keep reading...

No reward in Big vs. HEROIC

I bet 20% on BIG in the recent map but I did not receive any win. Should I just wait or is it an error? I got to say I’m a little bit worried because I was about to advance in the leader board :P.

What does NQ mean?

When I got to tipster competition and see the leader boards for this or the last month, some names have NQ to the left of them, and aren’t eligible to win anything. What does NQ mean? How do I not be NQ? Thanks

Could i get a restart too ?

Iv’e messed with my profile tho now i learn how things work, can i have a restart ? 🙁

how to pay with keys

Hi guys when I first join this site I remember there’s a way to pay for subscription using keys is it still possible to do so? also if it’s possible what are the type of keys allowed? or any csgo key? Thanks!