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Updating Game stats

I just wrote you that i would do it for free so why you didnt awnsered after the one time where you said OK

Problems with writing a prediction.

Hello, I just made an account and I wanted to post a prediction. When I typed my hole prediction there isn’t a “accept” button of some sort. When I just leave what I typed it wont show up on the site. Is this a problem or am I doing some thing wrong? – Zembrow

Social Giveaway

Would it possible to add extra entries for Prime members? Like some giveaways got it with Twitch Subscribers, extra entries. Just a Suggestion but would be nice if it is possible and if you would add this.

Tipster Analysis you can give yourself rep

You can give yourself rep for a Analysis.

what is even going on

Teams play like gods, a day later they play like silvers, and vise versa, its becoming so damn unpredictable calling who will win, cuz all the teams atm are unconsistant and playing shitt lol

Team Rosters

Just noticed that the Team Rosters are not up to date. Would be nice if you can update them.

BO2 matches

I have a question and suggestion. Why BO2 matches are listed as a two BO1 matches? We have an option for draws, so I don’t understand it.

Best Tipster?

Who is the best tipster in terms of highest hit rate that bets frequently?

Wrong result TENGRI vs NORTH

I have a wrong result , a lost bet i actually won that of TENGRI vs NORTH CES BO2 match … Can we fix this please ?

waiting for results……

why does it take forever to get the results?