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Rush vs Denial

Pretty sure I lost the bet I placed on them, 20 imaginary bucks, but didn’t they forfeit?

New Update: Tipster profiles and rankings for specific eSports

We’ve just dropped a big fat update down on Tipify, one that has been penned in from the start but has taken a long time to put into motion. We’ve just released a new update that completely reformats how we track your tipster statistics meaning we can display information faster and clearer in a number Keep reading...

Visual Bugs

Not in a Line as it was before. _ _ Bug on Phone I don’t know if it is a Bug or is it because of me. It popups every time I load the Site and blocks the menu. It doesn’t show anymore on which Team you placed your bet.

One guy literary copy my predictions

I feel its kinda funny that he literary copies me with my bets , no wonder he is second in ladder , i would like you change it , at least he shouldnt see all my bets cause its annoying 🙂

Quiet Devs: What are we up to?

Hey guys, apologies for going dark for this week. I’ve had my head stuck into some dirty database work and my brain is melting out my ear. Before I go for a well deserved weekend, I’ll let you know what I’m up to… Rankings for each eSport! At the moment there is one global ranking Keep reading...

Tipster “Make a Donation” button bug

If you go on a tipster profile and click on “Make a Donation” if they provided the Link the page will just refresh and not take you to the Steam Tradeoffer to donate something. It takes you to

Tipify helpdesk “bug”

So I forgot my password of the Tipify helpdesk to check status of my ticket and if I try to reset my password it says: “You are not authorised to access this portal. Kindly contact your helpdesk administrator.”

More communication for tipsters

I don’t know about you guys but I think a little more communication between us would be cool! We could discuss the matches as there is often incredible stuff going on, discuss our strategies or just talk. Also, it would surely add some more (hopefully friendly) rivalry as we are keep passing each other in Keep reading...

Results adding

I just wanted to know, how is the process of automated results adding going? Do we have a chance for it to work at Dreamhack? Results are indeed added pretty quickly lately but we all know it can be better :). Asking here and not in the mail support because I think everybody is interested Keep reading...

Vexed vs. – Wrong Match Results

Hello, the game ( Here ) on February 13th was a draw between Vexed and because Vexed surrendered due to them not being able to make it to the online match on time: HLTV link: HLTV bet proof: