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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2015/12/14 19:30 UTC

Winner Space Soldiers
Space Soldiers

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nEophyte vs. SpaceS at Operation Kinguin

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Just to preface this off, SpaceS and neophyte have faced off against each other numerous times recently, with SpaceS coming out of all of those encounters with a win.

The first time was on the 2nd of December, with SpaceS winning 2-1

The other two times was a BO1 in the Quickshot Arena on the same day (9th of December) with SpaceS initially winning Cobblestone 16-9 and then going on to win against neophyte again just hours later on Mirage, 16-13.


This lineup rarely finds wins in matches which are playing outside of their region. Although these guys are the top Serbian team (rivaled by eSuba), they struggle to find any sort of breakthrough out of the domestic barrier. The only time on record when these guys won against a non Serbian team was against the female lineup for Orbit, but even then it’s not sometime to be extremely proud of.

Their losses were against the likes of: SK, CSGL and SpaceS (three times). Of course this isn’t the most accurate representation on their skill ceiling, but from what I’ve seen up until now, they haven’t been anything too hot.


SpaceS are the favorites here, and it is pretty obvious as to why. They have won against Neophyte three times now just this month, and it is expected that they will do it again. Something quick that I should mention, is that I think e1 is out of the team now and they are just trying to find a 5th man. We have seen ‘ngiN’ play 7 matches in a row with SpaceS so we can assume that he will be on board for a long period of time.

This month has been a fairly decent month in terms of results for this T3 Turkish team, with SpaceS taking a map off Flipsid3 in a BO3, and also wins against the OnlineBots, BX3, eSuba and also NoProblem! They have lost 2 times though, one against Flipsid3 (1-2) and also once against LondonConspiracy in a BO1.

Final thoughts and advice

SpaceS  > Neophyte here, not too sure how the odds will end up, but I do think that SpaceS will be the victors here considering that Neophyte aren’t the best team ever.

My odds for this match: nEophyte 25:75 Space Soldiers

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time it will be between nEophyte facing off against SpaceSoldiers. It is a best of 3 and the maps are TBA. I will keep it a bit short.

SpaceSoldiers should have this. They are a bit reliable on XANTARERS. He is their best player. He carries the team most of the time and i think he will do it again. Over all SpaceSoldiers should have the upper hand here. They have played nEophyte before and they always come out on top. The only map that SpaceSoldiers really can lose against nEophyte is Mirage i believe.

nEophyte isn’t doing to good recently. they had tough opponents but the didn’t show off to well. nEophyte almost won against on Mirage and had a 16-14 game against SS on Overpass but that is about it. They lost 2-0 against CSGL with 16-5 and one map on OT cache.

I think SS should have it. nEophyte is not a bad team and if the maps favor them they can win it but i don’t think it will happen. If XANTARES starts fragging and nEophyte can’t handle him they are done for.

I would not risk to much for this game since nEophyte can still take it. Going low on SS is the best should you’ve got here.

Good luck!


My odds for this match: nEophyte 35:65 Space Soldiers


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