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Best Of 3
2015/12/18 19:00 UTC

Winner CSGL
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Dignitas vs. CSGL at Faceit

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Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time it will be between Dignitas and CSGL. It is a best of 3 and Cajunb will play instead of Kjaerbye. The winner of this match will qualify for the $50,000 LAN in Las Vegas. I will keep it a bit short.

With the stand-in of cajunb i would favor Dingitas to take it actually. They had some good results lately. Dignitas managed to win against G2(2-0), SK(2-0) and Hellraisers(3-2, 2-0). Dignitas also played against Envy on Cobblestone and they actually took it 16-14.

CSGL is on a winning streak just like Dignitas. However they play ‘lesser’ teams. For example vexed, mousesports, melty and female team WRTP. It makes it look like CSGL is doing pretty good but these teams are not on the same level as Dignitas is.

The odds for this match are a bit out of shape. I believe Dignitas win this one but i will be a good match. I think CSGL can take atleast one map and if Dignitas doesn’t preform somehow it might even happen that CSGL take it but i don’t think it is likely. For this match i would go low on Dignitas. They should have it. Since the odds are a bit high for them i don’t think it is worth going medium/large on them.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: Dignitas 65:35 CSGL

CSGL under Loord as IGL/COACH with mouz returning have looked pretty strong lately. They have a good balance in their roster, and a lot more firepower now. MICHU and oskar can be the big fraggers they need, with the other support cast not bad either. They have been steadily improving recently, and been putting up good performances and results. Not that much should be judged from their 2-0 of mouz, but I didn’t personally expect them to look that good against CSGL. I think they will be going into this game full of confidence, and fully expect they can take this game.

I think the dignitas roster is the best one they have had. G2 didn’t look good to be honest, and I don’t think many top teams cared that much about this tournament, and most of them were looking forward to the end of the year. They could of actually lost 2-0 to SK, and were lucky to come through it. They also choked hard against HR, and this worries me. With kjaerbye not playing today, and Cajunb standing in, I actually think this weakens them a bit. They won’t have the same synergy or team work, and out of the stand-ins they could get from TSM, he is actually the one that worries me the least. He has not been in the best form lately, and Dignitas will be heavily relying on k0nfig to go off in this game.

With the real odds for this game being a lot closer to 60-40, the most logical thing to do is to go LOW on CSGL. There is a chance Dig will run away with this game, and the inconsistencies of CSGL will be apparent again, but at these odds you really would be crazy to go on dig, not to mention you would need to risk a MED bet on a team with a stand-in vs a decent inform Polish side that always had good games against the old dig rosters. This is still a HIGH risk game, but should be a good game too.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 60:40 CSGL


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