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Best Of 3
2016/01/23 14:58 UTC

Winner Dignitas

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mouz vs. Dignitas at Dreamhack

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I totally don’t understand the odds here, dignitas beat in a best of three which is a massive upset, mostly because of the maps they managed to win, the map pool heavily favored in my opinion, especially mirage as were considered as the best mirage team in the world. mousesports also beat very convincingly, it was a quick 16-5 on dust2, but I wouldn’t give them too much credit for this one as it was one of mouz’s best maps and don’t feel that comfortable on it.

Both mousesports and dignitas played a best of one against Astralis, dignitas looked very bad as they lost 4-11 on the ct side of overpass and finished the match with a 9-16 score, mousesports were lucky with the veto process as they managed to get mirage which is statistically their best map, they play ed very well and were just one round away from taking the match, although Astralis came back and won the map 22-18 in the second overtime.

I feel like dignitas were always better than mousesports and they should be slightly favored in this match, I’d suggest a low bet on the danes here.

My odds for this match: mousesports 45:55 Dignitas

Mousesports seem to have woken up from their slump. What an amazing match they played against both VirtusPro and Astralis. They beat VirtusPro without any problems but sadly couldn’t win against Astralis. They were extremely close, at one point they were 14-12 ahead and they definitely should have won it when it got to 15-13 but they couldn’t close it out. They definitely would have deserved the win since they were playing like they should have in 2015. The thing is, the map was Mirage. Mirage is NiKo’s favourite map and this guy can go ham here and just carry any team on this map which he did. Although, Mousesports are going to need all 5 players to perform well against Dignitas to win this BO3 and I really think they will.

Didn’t look as good as Mousesports so far. They got beaten by Astralis in a far from close BO1 on Overpass but they did manage to beat VirtusPro in a really close BO3. They lost Cache with a really sloppy T side but they showed us where they are capable of on Mirage. Mirage, VirtusPro’s best map and Dignitas beat them here like it was nothing. 3rd map was Cobblestone and I think that after Dignitas won Mirage, most of us knew Dignitas would win this BO3 which they did but it did look like a replay of Cache at one point. Luckily Dignitas managed to win in double OT after a really sick performance by especially our Danish talent Kjaerbye.

Both teams are looking incredibly good but the thing with both teams is, they tend to choke when they’re close to matchpoint or really far up and I feel like Dignitas are having more trouble with this than Mousesports. NiKo is one of those players who can step up huge when Mousesports starts to choke and I think that this will be the deciding point. Mirage will be played 100% and I don’t think Dignitas can stop NiKo and ChrisJ here. I think Mousesports are better on most maps and they are going to win this BO3 just barely with a sick performance from NiKo and ChrisJ. I wouldn’t recommend going too big on this one as it’s still tier2 vs tier2.

If the odds really get out of hand (60%+) then make sure you go low on Dignitas.

My odds for this match: mousesports 60:40 Dignitas


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