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2016/01/23 17:50 UTC

Winner Luminosity

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Astralis vs. LG at Dreamhack

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This is probably one of the hardest match we’ve had in a while, Astralis are clearly better than Luminosity when it comes to overall skill level and their performance in the past months, but their recent results were quite disappointing as they barely beat mousesports in a double overtime, lost against fnatic and Na`Vi during Starladder finals and beat dignitas quite smoothly 16-9 on overpass, I’m pretty sure their poor performance was caused by not having time to prepare for those matches as they had to do a lot of stuff with the new organisation.

Luminosity are playing great lately, I really enjoyed watching them since FACEIT League finals in which they managed to make it to the finals beating teams like ENVYUS, NiP and Astralis before falling to fnatic in the grand final. Luminosity also performed great during Starladder where they 2-0’d both Gamers2 and Na`Vi very convincingly, all those matches looked great for Luminosity, however, their results during this Dreamhack were quite bad, they barely beat SK Gaming in a best of three and lost the first best of 1 against FaZe, the deciding best of three looked way better as they just rolled over FaZe, although Luminosity looked very shaky overall.

This match is gonna be close and could go either way, I would give Astralis an upper hand here and would rather bet on them.

My odds for this match: Astralis 60:40 Luminosity

Not sure what to say about Astralis right now. If Xyp and Karrigan didn’t step up yesterday against Mousesports then they would have lost that game on Mirage. The thing in that match was that in the beginning Karrigan missed all his awp shots and pretty much tilted after this. Karrigan is the main factor of Astralis’s CT side on Mirage. When Karrigan isn’t on point, then Astralis are likely to lose a map like Mirage. Luminosity are way better than Mouseports in every aspect, Astralis are going to have a really hard time.

As expected, Luminosity turned into the ”superior” Luminosity earlier today against FaZe. FaZe had nothing to bring, Luminosity were simply out-classing them in every aspect. The strongest fact of Luminosity is their mappool, they are good on every single map except Dust2 which is an instant veto for them. This is going to be problematic for Astralis.

Last BO3 between these teams Luminosity came out on top at the FACEIT lan in an insane match. I really think that this will once again be incredibly close. When Luminosity can play like they did against FaZe and I definitely think they will, then Luminosity will win this but it will be close.

My odds for this match: Astralis 50:50 Luminosity


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