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2016/01/24 13:43 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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LG vs. Na’Vi at Dreamhack

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Damn, this is probably the hardest match to predict out of all we’ve had in the recent weeks, I wouldn ever expect Luminosity to perform so well considering they practiced mostly against North American teams and yet they beat worlds best teams on the biggest lan events, their strats are just insane and the players are just as good as top europeans. Luminosity struggled at the beginning as they lost to FaZe on inferno and barely beat SK Gaming in a best of three, I was worried for them but it seems like they were prepared for the second day as beating FaZe and Astralis was not an issue for them, both matches were very one sided and Luminosity looked great.

Na`Vi had no issues at all during this Dreamhack, their opponents did not stand a chance as Na`Vi destroyed all of them, SK Gaming were first to fall and it was by far the most one sided match in this tournament as Na`Vi took it 16-3, FaZe couldn’t beat them either even though they kinda won the veto process by getting train, but Na`Vi still managed to take them down 16-9. Na`Vi’s last opponent were dignitas and I was expecting either an upset from the danes or at least a close series, but once again, Na`Vi came out on top and beat them quite easily on both maps, it was 2-0 in the end.

Both teams played great and I don’t really know what to think about this match, it’s gonna be extremely close and exciting but I have a feeling that Na`Vi will come out on top and take it, still, it could go either way.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 45:55 Na’Vi

Almost an impossible to call game as it really could go either way. Because of this, my prediction will be purely based off what I think. Before I begin, you guys should be aware I am a massive LG fan and this prediction is based more off that than anything.

This game really could go either way, both have beaten one another recently and it will come down to pistol rounds, a bit of luck and perhaps the maps. I feel like if cold, fnx and fallen can have big games, and keep GuadiaN as quiet as possible, then LG can take this, I feel like it is LG’s time to win something, they seem to have taken strats and small details to another level, and I’d love to see other sides learning from them and taking CS to another level in it’s intricacies.

As this game could go either way, I imagined my self after the game. I support LG, I want them to win, if I went with Navi, I would honestly be filled with regret if LG won, and be slightly happy if Navi did. If I went on LG, and Navi took it, at least I supported them to the end, and I wouldn’t feel bad.

On top of that, I feel like Navi are more reliant on one player than LG, and the chance of one player always being on, is less than multiple. Of course other guys in Navi can make a difference, but I don’t feel like the riflers from Navi have as much of an impact in a game as cold and fnx do.

You really could bet on either side here and it would be a fine bet. My personal bet will be a LOW on LG, and then sit back and enjoy what should be an amazing final whoever takes it.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 50:50 Na’Vi

No Fnatic on this lan and Luminosity finally reach the finals. You just can’t hate this team, the way they play, their aim, simply everything is quality csgo. I just haven’t seen anything like this yet. The way they played against Astralis on Overpass, that CT side, the coordination it was just so sick to watch. Sometimes I’m wondering, is there anyone who can beat Luminosity on maps like Train, Mirage, Inferno, Overpass? Because their mappool is simply huge and are as good on any map as every single tier1 team in Europe. Luminosity did start off a bit lacky this lan but they are back on track and better than ever. I can’t wait to see them play once again.

Natus Vincere:
Navi with the insane comeback on Cobblestone against Dignitas. I think this was more ”chokenitas” showing up but Navi winning this BO3 wasn’t a surprise at all. The thing here is, Navi really haven’t had REAL opponents so far this lan. SK, FaZe, Dignitas .. they’re nowhere as good as Luminosity is right now. Another thing is that GuardiaN has been quiet so far this lan, he’s not having the impact frags he normally has, that could be because every single player of Navi has been stepping up or it’s GuardiaN himself having some trouble.

These two teams have had some history together. The most recent H2H went in favour of Luminosity, 2-0. This was on Mirage and Train and to be honest, this wasn’t really close at all. It seems like Luminosity is getting better and better but the same counts to Navi. Although, Navi are gonna need the real GuardiaN to perform here if they want to win. I honestly don’t think the real GuardiaN will show up, I think Luminosity are going to win this BO3 and win their first EU lan (without fnatic). You can skip this game, and just enjoy an amazing BO3 with quality cs or you can get some clench going and drop something low on Luminosity.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: Luminosity 55:45 Na’Vi


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