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2016/01/26 17:25 UTC

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Dignitas vs. mouz at ESL

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I hope that mouz manage to win their game against HR to set up a nice encounter with Dignitas here. I will predict this match as if that were the case. Mouz will want revenge and regardless of what happened in their game a few days ago, this will still be an incredibly close match. Dignitas have had the upper hand in most of their games against mouz, but that doesn’t mean for sure they will take this.

This is a really important game for both sides, and not two days ago the odds were stacked 65-35 in favour of mouz, one game later and they will be reversed here. With the odds currently being 67-33 in favour of dignitas, I personally believe the smartest thing to do to play the odds, and go LOW on mouz. The real odds for me are closer to 55-45 in favour of Dignitas due to their recent record against mouz. I do believe Dignitas are the favourites for this game, but if NiKo can perform as he always seems too, and nex can actually kill people this game, they have a chance to take this.

If mouz actually lose against HR, then this prediction kind of goes out the window. I don’t really believe HR will be able to take down Dignitas in a BO3, and if the odds are around 65%, I would suggest going MED on Dignitas or SKIPPING if they go too high. HR are not a bad side, but apart from maps such as Cache, I don’t feel they have the upper hand on the ever improving Dig side. The players in HR are really inconsistent, and the fragging power of kjaerbye and k0nfig especially, should be too much for them. It could be a close game, but HR should come out on the losing side.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 55:45 mousesports

Dignitas had a great run during Dreamhack Liepzig where they managed to make it to the semifinals despite losing their first match in the group stage against Astralis, they managed to come back by beating 2-1 and mousesports 2-0, unfortunately dignitas got knocked out by Na`Vi in the semi final, the match was very close but Na`Vi came out on top, overall dignitas performance was great.

Dignitas beat three teams in the IEM Qualifier so far, they destroyed Deadweight which is a norwegian mix with a couple of very known players such as zEVES, their next opponent was RCTIC and I was expecting a stomp but dignitas struggled a bit and won the match 16-10, the last best of one was against Vexed and this one was way too close for comfort, dignitas barely took it 16-13, they are not looking that promising in this qualifier but I still believe they should be able to qualify today.

It looks like the match between mouz and HR just started, mousesports should be able to take this as they kind of won the veto process and managed to get one of their best maps which is cache. Overall mousesports and HellRaisers are pretty much on the same level at the moment, I would very slightly favor mousesports as they rarely get upset by lower teams, while HellRaisers lost against CG, Nostalgie and few more.

I feel like it doesn’t matter if it’s gonna be HellRaisers or mousesports, dignitas 2-0’d both teams recently and I believe they will take this series too, I’d suggest a small bet here due to their surprisingly bad performance during the qualifier so far.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 60:40 mousesports


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