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Counter Pit League

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2016/02/03 02:30 UTC

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Splyce vs. AGG at Counter Pit League

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So ahm pretty neat stuff. But no ahm seriously, Splyce is quite interesting to predict, not necessarily the easiest. I do strongly believe that at least right now, Splyce depends heavily on form of their key players, like Davey for example. They’ve got some good players in that lineup, however they need to be feeling it to really show their true potential, but I do honestly think that the brightest flair in that team is Davey, just is insane when he is feeling it, and I’ve seen him personally carry that team.  Don’t get me wrong, the others can more than chip in, especially I remember Arya on Dust2 versus Winterfox, absolutely bossed the map with the AWP together with Davey, and if those two can get going, Splyce is a hard force to reckon with, and definitely the favorites here. They do of course have some weaknesses, their inconsistency for one, I’d really would like either JasonR to improve heavily, or at least find form more often, or replace him as most of the games he is pretty dead weight, same with Professor Chaos, can’t really remember the last time he has had a good run of form, so keep that in mind. Splyce can be quite good, and should be winning matches like these however I would not put bank on it.

Team AGG

So basically Ex-SKDC to put it short. Now this team is interesting, I do not necessarily rate them too highly, however they have that upset potential that many NA teams have due to their entry fraggers and just overall fraggers in the team, So Twistz and RooRoo – These two have quite sick aim, and I feel like if one of them, or even better both of them can go absolutely nuts, I feel they can cause damage to almost any NA team out there, but that is the problem, these two aren’t the most of consistent guys, so trying to back on them is risky. The other trio does not impress me much, I mean it’s Ocean, their IGL who is literally a bot when it comes to frags 95% of the time, and as an IGL, I do not rate him much at all, so as long as Splyce does not mess up in the aim department, they should have it, but then again it is NA. Els same story, and Invert is decentish, however not too good in my books. So overall, I do think that Twistz and RooRoo have to go absolutely mental to take a BO2 from Splyce, and Splyce really has to mess up their aim department, however lets just see where that goes.


Honestly Splyce should not be losing this BO2, but then again it is NA so lets not get our hopes up. Splyce has to do more wrong than AGG has to do right for AGG to win this matchup I feel, they have to heavily mess up their strats, and their aim has to be completely off, while Twistzz and RooRoo have to be firing on every cylinder possible for them to take this really, don’t really see it happening but what do I know. As long as Splyce approach this with care and don’t get too cocky, they should take this. I will just play the odds here given that it’s a relatively medium risk game, 70-30 Splyce here.


Going to play the odds here. Giving the match a 70-30 and therefor, as long as Splyce is below 77%, I will go 7-10% on them here in the hopes that they can close it out. If they are above it however, I will most likely skip, or just place an ICB on AGG, I’ll try to update my bet here an hour or so before the game starts if I remember and have time – But yeah that is what I recommend doing here.

My odds = 70:30 Splyce

My risk = Medium

My bet = Playing odds, If Splyce is below 77%, 7-10% on them, otherwise skip/ICB AGG

My advice = Same as my bet.


My odds for this match: Splyce 70:30 AGG


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