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Game Show Global

Best Of 3
2016/02/04 19:00 UTC

Winner CLG

CLG vs. FSid3 at Game Show Global

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This match will be extremely tight, both teams lost in a somewhat close BO3, CLG a bit more close than  FSid3 but FSid3 tried their best. CLG nearly managed to upset nV but couldn’t close it out on Cache after being up 12-8, as I mentioned before, CLG will have to rely on their CT side as their T side isn’t that great. CLG’s obvious starplayer is jdm and he has to step up, everyone expects him to get a 30 bomb every single match and he’s definitely capable of doing that although, it does depend on the map at times. FlipSid3 on the other hand definitely could have won against Dignitas if the T side looked a bit better, they sadly got 4 T rounds on 2 maps and that’s way too less especially against a CT-sided based team CLG, FlipSid3 have to step up their T side to beat CLG here.


Two teams who seem to rely on their CT side so it’s really going to depend on whoever gets the most T rounds, wins and in that aspect I have to favour CLG. CLG seem well prepared for this match and CLG have that one player who can go absolutely ham in jdm. On FlipSid3’s side I just can’t see anyone who can go absolutely ham and carry their team to victory. The maps for this match are extremely hard to predict but I feel like FSid3 will ban Dust2 and CLG Inferno. FSid3 will most likely pick Train after that and CLG should pick Cache or Overpass imo. FSid3 should ban Cache / Overpass after that and CLG get to choose between Cobblestone and Mirage, in my opinion they SHOULD ban Cobblestone so Mirage will be the 3rd map. So we get to see Train, Cache/Overpass, Mirage hopefully, when this happens then they should win 2:1, if they decide to ban Mirage over Cobblestone then it might get extremely clenchy, but I still would favour CLG somehow. I think CLG will win 2:1 either way because they’re better on CT and T side.


I’m not sure how the odds will go but for now, let’s go with a low / medium bet on CLG, around 7% of your inventory.

My odds for this match: CLG 65:35 FSid3


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