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Game Show Global

Best Of 3
2016/02/06 21:25 UTC

Winner Dignitas

Dignitas vs. CLG at Game Show Global

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Going into this game it is not the same two teams I expected to see at this stage. Dignitas, yes, but not CLG. They surprised me, but didn’t impress me. They looked poor in places, and still suffer from a really weak map pool. If they come up against Dignitas on Cobble, I expect them to be destroyed. I can see CLG leaving this map in as they really won’t want to veto Inferno, another map that they are really bad on. This will then be a free map for Dignitas to be honest, and then moving onto the CLG maps, I think Dig will stand a chance in all of them.

I think this is Dig’s moment to shine and they will take this game 2-0, 2-1 at worst. They can be known to choke a little, but CLG also do the same, and I just feel the momentum is building behind Dig, and they are going to show everyone their level. I would suggest going MED on Dig if the odds stay below 75%, if they move above then you may not want to risk this one and keep your skins in your inventory. This is still a HIGH risk game and I expect the maps could be close so expect a clench.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 70:30 CLG


There’s not really too much to say here. Dignitas have looked extremely good so far by not dropping a single map against both FlipSid3 and EnVyUs, they literally stomped them. CLG managed to beat G2 but this was mainly because G2 went full tilt mode, sure CLG played extremely well and Cutler stepped up, but when G2 just played their own game, then G2 should have 2:0’ed it but they didn’t. CLG are extremely inconsistent on their mappicks and this will break them against Dignitas.


Should be a straight 2:0 to Dignitas when they just ban Dust2. Dignitas are good on all maps and likely favourites on all maps as well, CLG’s only chance of taking a map here could be Cache, but even then I don’t see them picking up 2 maps. Dignitas should win 2:0 or 2:1 here.


Going for a medium bet on Dignitas. When the odds get out of hand, 80%+ then drop an ICB on CLG.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 75:25 CLG


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