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BD Winter Cup

Best Of 3
2016/02/07 12:00 UTC

Winner Quest

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Quest vs. Revolution at BD Winter Cup

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Binary Dragons Hellstore Winter Cup 2016 is an online league organised by StarLadder and Binary Dragons and sponsored by Hellstore. It is an online event and has a prize pool of $1,500 – with 1st place taking $1,000 and 2nd taking $500. It is a single elimination format, meaning that if you lose a match, you’re out for good. No second chances, no lower brackets.


Quest is a semi known Russian team with 1uke who was on the YP roster but has since then left and is now actively playing with this new roster. Chopper used to play for dope. As for the other three players, I haven’t heard of them before seeing Quest play.

Quest beat out Binary Dragons funnily enough in the first stage of this event in a tight battle. Quest took the first map to the last round and won Dust 2. The second map proved to be a struggle as it went to triple OT but Quest pulled through and finished off Cobblestone at a staggering 31-27 scoreline. Quest are a decent team in all honesty, but most of the times they do reply on 1uke and Chopper to do well for them to have a shot at winning. The duo are definitely the stronger out of the roster.


Looks like things are going downhill already for the newly found Revolution roster. Originally, the team consisted of 5 players from Kyrgyzstan following The World Championships in 2015. The team announced that they would stick together after the event and do their best to get known but lo and behold, they lost their debut match and it looks like they’re not doing too well.

Revolution faced off against the Fluffy Gangsters in their opening match and also won 2-0 like Quest. They took Cache 16-12 and then went on to win Dust 2 in OT, 19-17.

Recent roster changes

Revolution played in the Rising Stars CIS #1 with this roster listed to play for this match but with a small tweak. The three Kyrgyzstan are still playing, as well as aldikk, but it’s -Galantis and +malinger for this event it seems like.

Final thoughts and advice

The favorites for this match will be Quest most definitely, but Revolution are doing alright I guess. They beat Arcade 2-1 in Rising Stars but that was with Galantis playing. 65-35 are my final odds and I personally will skip this one. It’ll be interesting to see how Revolution develop with these 2 Kazakhstan’ian players. Skip or bet according to the odds.

My odds for this match: Quest 65:35 Revolution


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