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CLG red


Best Of 3
2016/02/09 02:00 UTC

Winner QuetzaL
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CLG red

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CLG red vs. QuetzaL at GO NA Predictions

Going to keep this one a bit shorter once again since match starts very soon



Like what am I supposed to do here, it’s like that moment when you are having to pick sides between your significant other and best friend, there just is no right choice. Obviously CLG Red is a female team, we do not see them play often at all, or well at least I do not pay too much attention to them. They do play in ESEA Main while Quetzal play in Premier, so Quetzal are a league above CLG Red, if that even means much. CLG Red has played a few alright NA teams in the past, and mostly have gotten stomped, or the other team might not take them too seriously, however still come out on top, teams like Ex-Method, Torqued, Splyce and what not. Quetzal on the other hand are a up and coming, so to speak Mexican team that like I said plays in Premier. These guys do not have too good of results to be honest, but then again they’ve only played two matches in their ESEA season so far, they have a lot of scrims, however not many take those seriously, nor have they played anyone significant. All in all, my goal here is to convince you to skip this game. There is literally no reason for you to bet on this, bad odds, meh teams and just all around nope. There is tons of better matches on today, and even tomorrow, so concentrate on those and not this.


Skipping unless a genie tells me who will win. Since that is not happening, recommend a skip here too, very, very heavily.

My odds = 65-35 Quetzal

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip



My odds for this match: CLG red 35:65 QuetzaL

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AnonAnon Suggests skipping this match

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CLG red
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