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APM S2 Finals

Best Of 3
2016/02/11 14:55 UTC

Winner FSid3

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CSGL vs. FSid3 at APM S2 Finals

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Both team CSGL and FlipSid3 aren’t far from each other performance wise, which really raises the question for why the odds are extremely skewed for this match. Team CSGL is switching out one of their players (oskarish) for MINISE, essentially making the team for CSGL into the ex-ESC roster during DreamHack 2014 but they’re just missing Rallen. Ex-ESC wasn’t a bad team, especially when the players have attended a major or more during their CSGO career, having MINISE and innocent sub in for Virtus Pro in a major and large LAN. What worries me is that team CSGL hasn’t been performing extremely well recently having troubles with teams such as Pixel Fire and team Space Soldiers but since new and fresh blood is returning to the team, MINISE as a sub should put a good spin into the team’s roster. Team CSGL is expected to perform well during this LAN, especially with this first game and MINISE returning to the roster as a sub.

On the other side of the line, we have FlipSid3 who is performing significantly worse than a tier 2 NA team. This is really disappointing especially with the talent running on the team with players such as Markeloff and WorldEdit, who are generally nutty fraggers with brilliant minds when it comes to CS. Sadly, it seems that they’re performing horridly on LANs, more specifically their most recent one, the Game Show although having this be a week ago, FlipSid3 should be returning hard for this LAN. But even at their strongest, team CSGL should still be putting up a tough fight against FlipSid3, making it extremely difficult for FlipSid3 to take as easy as their odds display. If anything, FlipSid3 and team CSGL are extremely similar in performances as of recent but both should be battling hard for redemption and should be putting up a close and exciting performance.

Recommended Bet: Small CSGL

My odds for this match: CSGL 40:60 FSid3


CSGL are seem really off and I’m not sure if kicking Oskarish is going to help with that, I highly doubt it. Minise isn’t exactly an upgrade over Oskarish and I don’t think CSGL will become any better with this, CSGL are also way better online than on lan, FlipSid3 on the other hand played a lan 1 week ago where they won 0 matches although we have to keep in mind, this was against Dignitas and CLG and both of these teams reached the Semi Finals, FlipSid3 overall are a really solid team and are looking way better than CSGL as of now.


I just can’t see FlipSid3 losing this at all as they are way better on lan and have been looking way better recently as well, should be an easy game for FlipSid3, I’m expecting a 2:0 worst case scenario 2:1 to FlipSid3.


Gonna go a bit ballsy and drop a medium bet on FlipSid3, sure it is tier2 vs tier2 but I just think CSGL’s slump is too much unless they get out of it right now. 10% on FlipSid3.

My odds for this match: CSGL 30:70 FSid3


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