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APM S2 Finals

Best Of 3
2016/02/12 13:00 UTC

Winner CSGL

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CSGL vs. Vexed at APM S2 Finals

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Going to keep this one shorter since it starts in a very short time. 



Honestly this is really tough to call, you could have a very strong argument as to why either of these teams should be favorites here, and not many would argue. Both of these teams are like, really inconsistent. It would not surprise me a whole bunch if one of these teams gets absolutely stomped, especially CSGL, these guys, the difference between them on form and off is night and day. I really hate betting on CSGL as the overdogs, which they are currently, but as an underdog they are a really good team. I was watching Vexed versus Hellraisers yesterday, one of the few matches I caught, was out for most of the day so apologies for no analysis. They were kinda shaky to be honest, they seemed a bit stuck if they did not get an entry, Rallen played quite good which is a plus I guess. For me, individually CSGL are the better team, without a doubt, however they perform so rarely they are just so anticlimax. Vexed are a team that does carry a punch, so I do not want to consider them out. Overall this definitely is an analysts’ nightmare, two really inconsistent teams battling it out, BO3 LAN. I will favor CSGL here, ever so slightly since i feel like their peak is higher than Vexed’s. so this will be 55:45 for me. Honestly, just bet the underdog here. I will probably skip, unless some really good odds show up. Really high risk game.


Going to skip this unless there is a good underdog. This match has just too much nope nope nope written over it, and just not feeling it. If Vexed stays at 40%, or below I’ll drop 2-3% on them here, otherwise skipping, don’t see CSGL going underdogs, but hey if they do, obviously 2-3% them.

My odds = 55-45 CSGL

My risk = High

My bet = Skipping unless good underdog.

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: CSGL 55:45 Vexed

Vexed were incredibly unlucky last night to lose against HR and should of taken both maps if not for a few tiny mistakes. CSGL looked good on their map, and then poor ever since. They just seem to make really poor decisions, especially on their CT sides, and it really costs them rounds. Having both B players on CT train watching lower, and nobody even looking upper just screams of poor coms and that is a mistake even amateur teams don’t make.

Vexed played well yesterday but threw the game due to poor mistakes. Letting HR plant the bomb in the 4v2 was a massive rookie mistake that cost them the first map. If they can eliminate these kinds of mistakes today, then they for sure have a good chance.

Both sides know each other well, and this game is going to be incredibly close as you would expect with Polish sides. We could very well see Mirage and Train, which are good maps for both sides, so the pure skill of the sides will come out as they face off on their best maps. With Vexed currently being the underdog which I don’t really understand, I would suggest going LOW on them. This match could really go either way, so +2.5 maps, or Vexed to win at least 1 map on Fanobet seem like good shouts.

My odds for this match: CSGL 50:50 Vexed


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