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APM S2 Finals

Best Of 3
2016/02/12 18:26 UTC

Winner ATN

LDLC.White vs. ATN at APM S2 Finals

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Literally just wrote a full prediction on this, click publish and it gets deleted for some reason. Don’t got the time now to rewrite so I’ll sum it all up. 



Overall I think that LDLCWhite are getting a bit overrated here by a few people. They are my favorites going into this game and should be winning this, however not 70% worthy here I do not think. Without a doubt LDLCWhite showed great display yesterday to nearly upset Mouz on two maps, however Mouz is that kind of a team that would lose matches like that, and it was more them doing wrong than LDLC doing right I feel. Not only that, but obviously White has been on point form wise over the past two or three weeks, however beyond that? shocking really. I’ve been keeping tabs on them for a long time now, and to me it seems they do really well versus teams they should not beating, but then just collapse versus teams they should be beating quite easily, I don’t understand it. It seems to me that they got great fraggers ,To1nou, I am a big fan of him and when he is on form, guy is deadly, but it’s just some of the rounds they loss and the fashion they lose them in, just really poor. Attax is the opposite I feel, been showing great form in the past, but the past week or two has been really poor for them, obviously excluding the near Dignitas upset. By no means is Attax a heavy underdog, if they can get Keev fragging and the rest of the team can step up, and if they stop losing ridiculously high advantaged rounds, once again leadership comes into mind, then they have a really good shot. They got destroyed yesterday, but we’ve seen time after time teams coming back a day later and just flipping a switch. To me this is a 60-40 in favor of LDLCWhite, and I would just recommend playing the odds here. Really high risk.


Just going to play the odds here, really high risk, really high underdog potential. Just hope Attax do not build a reputation of being ”Onliners”, which I must admit, the German scene has the most sketch players. Eitherway, as long as LDLC is below 66%, will drop 2-3% on them, otherwise 2-3% on Attax here. Really high risk game.

My odds = 60-40 LDLCWhite.

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% LDLC if under 66%, otherwise 2-3% Attax

My advice = Same as my bet.

My odds for this match: LDLC.White 60:40 ATN


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