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APM S2 Finals

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2016/02/13 12:00 UTC


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CSGL vs. E-Frag at APM S2 Finals

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I’m very disappointed with E-Frag’s performance against mousesports, I knew mousesports will beat them but I expected E-Frag to win at least one map since mousesports played very bad against LDLC White and E-Frag beat Alternate very easily, but they just got wrecked even on their own map pick.

CSGL played better in my opinion, they played to close matches against FlipSid3 and Vexed, the first one looked very good at the start as Lounge Gaming managed to win 16-14 on overpass, they struggled on the following maps, FlipSid3 took train quite convincingly and then Lounge choked on cobblestone, threw their advantage away and lost the series 1-2. The nail biting match against Vexed was even closer, Lounge Gaming took mirage 16-10, train was a disaster and Vexed took it 16-6 after a flawless 12-3 t side, the last map was cobblestone and it went into a double overtime which CSGL managed to win in the end.

Lounge Gaming looked better in my opinion, I also feel like they are way better than people think, they can easily take this match.

My odds for this match: CSGL 50:50

Two teams who have not really played as they would of hoped facing off in a game that will contain lots of mistakes and force buys and might have you covering your eyes and face palming here to the stone age. CSGL had a really close game against Vexed, which was a match they should of closed out long before they did. E-frag looked good against ATN but then really poor against mouz.

These are two teams that always have close games, with one side winning over the other all the time and I fully expect this game to be really close as well. This game will very likely go to all 3 maps, and they could all be close games. They will probably play Mirage as one of the maps, as both sides favour this map, and the CT side of E-frag will need to be on point if they are to take this.

I feel nervous predicting CSGL to win as they are really inconsistent and make a lot of mistakes, and I feel nervous betting on E-frag due to their force buys constantly. If I had to pick one though, I would just about edge it to E-frag, as I believe they have the better skill and if they can avoid their force buys, I think they will just about edge this game. This is based off my gut and honestly this game could go either way.

My odds for this match: CSGL 40:60


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