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APM S2 Finals

Best Of 5
2016/02/14 18:30 UTC

No Winner Announced

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mouz vs. FSid3 at APM S2 Finals

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Ok so Mousesports right now are superior and are unbeatable, I think they were my top1 favourite of winning this lan and they still are. NiKo, Nex, Chris, they are all on point, and when all of these 3 nutty fraggers are on point, then Mousesports are able to even beat tier1 teams, they’re insane on all maps except Train which will be an instant ban against FlipSid3.
FlipSid3 on the other hand did play really good and a pretty easy win over E-Frag as expected, many people still underestimate FlipSid3’s skill but they’re comparable with Mousesports except they play with strats rather than aim, FlipSid3 are really improving and I can see them dominating tier2 with Mousesports and Dignitas easily.


Overall this is a BO5 with Mousesports having the veto advantage, they are allowed to pick the first ban and that will with no doubt be Train. FlipSid3 will ban Dust2 meaning all the 5 remaining maps are maps both teams are somewhat good on. Here’s a little thought;
Inferno – 55:45 to Mousesports
Cache – 80:20 to Mousesports
Mirage – 55:45 to Mousesports
Overpass – 55:45 to FlipSid3
Cobblestone – 50:50
Looking at this we can easily say Mousesports should have this BO5 in the bag. They might be dropping a map but they should be the team coming out on top with 3 maps and finally win the series where they choked last year against Hellraisers after being 3:0 up.


Going with a high / medium bet on Mousesports here. Like I said, I expect them to win but if Flipsid3 somehow manage to get Overpass + Cobblestone as the first two maps then Mousesports MIGHT tilt and lose this, I highly doubt this happening though. Suggesting to go with 15% of your inventory on Mousesports.

My odds for this match: mousesports 70:30 FSid3

Game starts soon so shall make this quick. Mouz have been incredibly strong the entire event and have gone into this final without dropping a single map. Seeing them suddenly dropping 3 against Fside here is something I just cannot see happening. The odds are not the best so betting here is risky, but honestly feel like your skins should be fairly safe on mouz unless they have a complete melt down and something goes really wrong. With the form NiKo is in right now, I don’t think mouz have looked this good in a long time, if ever. MED on mouz for a high risk, or SKIP. You could also risk going on them to win 3-0 on fanobet for a riskier bet.

My odds for this match: mousesports 75:25 FSid3


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