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UCC Europe

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2016/02/17 16:20 UTC

Winner Orgless

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Ancient vs. Orgless at UCC Europe

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Going to keep this once shorter given how this is a Ancient vs TBD match. Once the TBD game ends, there will be very little time, if any for this so gotta write this up now.


So this is going to be Ancient vs TBD, the TBD being either YP or Orgless here. Personally I do think that this will be Orgless here, however YP has a very good chance of making it here, so if they do make it, take this analysis with a pinch of salt, and take it with a pinch of salt in general since we do not know for sure who is playing. I feel like no matter who plays here, Ancient should be favored. Of course if it is YP, they did kinda get 16-0’d by them so that is never good if you are Ancient, however I do think that was some sort of a once off performance. As for Orgless, these two actually played yesterday and Ancient took it 2-1, first map Orgless demolished them, 2nd map Ancient took it very closely at 16:13, and last map Ancient demolished. Ancient of course have seemingly replaced Devilwalk and Pauf from the team for Bendji and Robiin which, I mean for Devilwalk’s replacement it is an upgrade, for Pauf it is arguable, and I am not 100% if the Pauf replacement is even permanent, could be a temporary thing here. Overall no matter who Ancient faces here, feel like it should be 65-35 in favor of them, and they really should be winning the games however so far their problem seems to be their consistency. If Twist is on fire, and Schneider it should be easy pickings for Ancient here, especially if the rest of the team chips in, however if those two are missing, that’s where the problems start. This is still a new team, however they do have Pronax so I mean really, Ancient has been very disappointing, but they should be taking this. Overall 65-35 in favor of Ancient for me here.


Kinda hard to bet when you do not know the 2nd team, however, for me if it is Orgless, a 65-35 match, if it’s YP it’s a 70-30 match. Ancient is like really inconsistent right now it seems, and haven’t really found their stable roster yet either, so I am really careful here. Going to play the odds here with a low bet, if it’s Orgless, I’m going 5% on Ancient as long as they are below 72%, if it’s YP, I am going 5% Ancient as long as they are below 77%, otherwise if they are above those values, 2-3% the opposite team here.

My odds = 65-35 if Orgless / 70-30 if YP, Favoring Ancient both times.

My risk = High

My bet = 5% if under 72% Ancient vs Orgless / 5% if under 77% Ancient vs YP / If above, 2-3% the opposite team.

My advice = Same as my bet.


My odds for this match: Ancient 65:35 Orgless


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