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2016/03/04 20:45 UTC

Winner Luminosity

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LG vs. Na’Vi at IEM

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This is a really tricky one here, kinda surprised that we are seeing Na’Vi here instead of TempoStorm as that match went right down to the wire, and if not for a TS failure to close out the game, it should have been theirs. Eitherway, we have Na’Vi here, they did really struggle on the two last maps vs TempoStorm, however experience won out in the end, however if that continues vs a team like LG, you can bet your money LG will close it out, or well at least I hope so. These two teams its seemingly like a curse or something, every single LAN they attend they come up against eachother, they play eachother so much it’s unreal. Matches between these two are always really close, or well most of the time at least. We obviously saw these two play in the group stages of this event two days ago, which LG took 16:11, however the whole team was slacking behind, except Fer. I remember watching that and Fer was wonderful, he carried and won his team so, so many rounds it was unreal, if he didn’t have that sort of performance, it definitely would have been a NaVi game, however once again if the rest of the team stepped up, should have been an easier occassion for LG. This LAN so far has not been Guardian’s so far, and considering he is their best player, the star, that is very bad. Overall, 55-45 LG for me here, could really go either way, however I like LG a bit here. Really high risk game, play the odds here.


Really high risk, play the odds. 2-3% LG if under 60%, otherwise 2-3% Na’Vi. I like LG ever so slightly here.

My odds = 55-45 LG

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% LG if under 60%, otherwise 2-3% Na’Vi

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Luminosity 55:45 Na’Vi


  • Dust2: 70-30 Navi
  • Inferno: 65-35 LG
  • Mirage: 55-45 LG
  • Cache: 70-30 LG
  • Train: 55-45 LG
  • Overpass: 50-50
  • Cobblestone: 60-40 LG


LG so far have been the best team of the whole tournament, their only loss was a match which didn’t really matter against Nip, they were already sure of a spot in the Semi-finals so there was not really anything to get from it. Fer and Taco both stepped up huge these series whereas Coldzera and Fnx seem to be having a hard time, they are still fragging but not on top. Taco is LG’s entryfragger and he has been insane, he went from BotTaco to Vaco thanks to these series.

Navi have been rather lucky against Tempo Storm. Thanks to Tempo Storm lacking experienced and being pressured on Mirage, they sort of choked and gave Navi the win. Tempo Storm did somewhat surprise me but the main factor of this match getting as close as it was was because Guardian was nowhere to be seen, he was completely off and everytime he picked up the awp, it was rather a waste of money. Flamie, as usual, was extremely consistent and topfragged on all maps, on the other hand Zeus also performed insanely well on Mirage, he really helped Navi pulling through and advance to the Semi finals. It was a real team effort from Navi, something you don’t usually see from them.

This is a match that’s being played every single lan so far, Navi only lost one BO3 against LG and I personally think that this will be the second. Navi just don’t look good, they really needed the team effort to pull out a win against a pressured Tempo Storm, LG won’t feel pressured, they are experienced and know how it feels to play in a final of a tournament. LG overall are just looking way better than Navi. It could potentially be a really close match, but I just feel like the maps are just a bit too favoured towards LG as most maps are maps where Navi rely on Guardian (Cobblestone, Train). Could be a 2-0 to LG depending on Navi’s pick, worst case scenario SHOULD be a 2-1 to LG.

60-40 to LG

Low (5%) on LG

My odds for this match: Luminosity 60:40 Na’Vi

Navi took the month off for Feb from practising and that really showed against Tstorm who honestly should have won this game. LG looked strong for the most part in their games, the only blip was a weak T side against NiP, but the game didn’t really matter for them so we will let them off on that. GuardiaN will need to really step up his game if he is to take Navi through, and seized will again need to be on point, as LG look really strong. In the month Navi took off, LG have been preparing hard for this event and they will know everything that Navi will be doing as I highly doubt they have had time to create anything new. Because of practice and form, I would have to give the edge to LG and suggest going LOW on them for this match.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 60:40 Na’Vi


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