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2016/03/04 13:00 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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Na’Vi vs. TStorm at IEM

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Current Roster



Current Roster



  • Dust2: 50-50
  • Inferno: 55-45 Navi
  • Mirage: 50-50
  • Cache: 70-30 Tempo Storm
  • Train: 80-20 Navi
  • Overpass: 80-20 Navi
  • Cobblestone: 55-45 Navi


Navi have been rather disappointing this lan so far. They managed to get through over Mousesports but it really wasn’t the cleanest way. They lost to Fnatic which isn’t bad but they also lost to LG on Mirage which is quite disappointing as Navi usually dominate over LG. The next few matches were rather strange ones, they really turned up against Mousesports with an easy win on Cobblestone but after that against Nip they looked shaky once again, a really close win on Overpass. Overall Navi seem to be slowstarters, began with two losses and ended with three wins. Not bad considering their group.

Tempo Storm got pretty lucky in the groupstage IMO. First match was a win over E-Frag, really could have lost it as well on one of their weaker maps Inferno. 2nd match against FaZe was on Dust2, one of Tempo’s best maps so the pick surprised me from FaZe, FaZe did manage to win but it really could have went either way in OT. After that Tempo managed to beat VP on Cobblestone, this was their first impressive win IMO as Cobblestone is a map VP aren’t bad on. After VP, they played nV. Now, this match against nV they got extremely lucky in the veto-process, nV totally threw the veto-process by banning two of their best maps Inferno and Cobblestone. The thing is, Tempo can’t play Inferno at all, why did nV ban it? Tempo simply got extremely lucky in this one and thanks to winning on Mirage, they managed to get out of the groups and reach the semi-finals. They could have gotten straight to the quarter finals but they couldn’t get past Astralis.

On paper a close game, but in reality I just feel like Navi will 2-0 here. I really feel like BO1’s aren’t Navi’s thing and Tempo Storm just love them as they can upset anyone and with this being a BO3 It’s just different. We all remember Tempo’s most recent BO3 against FlipSid3, it was a bloodbath and I won’t be surprised when it happens again vs Navi. Most maps do seem to be somewhat 50-50 but once flamie and guardian gets rolling, there’s no stopping them. I expect Navi to pick up a win here, could be a 2-0 but that really depends on flamie and guardian.

70-30 Navi

Medium (7%) on Navi

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 70:30 TStorm


This one is hard here. Obviously historically you would favor Na’Vi by quite a bit here, and they really should be winning this match, however this Tempo side man, they are looking scary. We saw Tempo start off with struggles, struggling to beat E-Frag however they managed to do it, then demolished FaZe first half, failed to close it out and lost in OT, and then just like a switch flipped, upset VP, upset Envy, and nearly upset Astralis. Like the transition from MLG Columbus LAN to this LAN so far is really surprising to me and I was not expecting it at all, and kinda puts a really tough task in front of me trying to predict which Tempo we will see tomorrow. The problem with Tempo is them struggling to close out games, you see them go up ridiculous scorelines, however then begin to just I don’t know, show nerves or whatever and just can’t get the last few rounds. Against a team like Na’Vi, they will get punished for things like that, and I mean you can say that this time around they will have more experience on the LAN and what not, however now it is the playoffs, BO3, it isn’t group stages of BO1’s, so more and less pressure at the same time. These are still new guys, new team so you can’t expect too too much. Overall, for me this is a 65-35 in favor of Na’Vi. Just play the odds here due to high risk. I really think that with more and more LAN and international experience, this team has a lot of potential. Right now it seems nerves effect especially Hen1 and sometimes Boltz, two guys who are instrumental to this team.


5% Na’Vi if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% TempoStorm.

My odds = 65-35 Na’Vi

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Na’Vi if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% TempoStorm

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 65:35 TStorm


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