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Uprise Champions Cup

Best Of 3
2016/03/21 16:30 UTC

Winner AGG

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AGG vs. Ence at Uprise Champions Cup

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So AGG recently picked up ex-Vexed and I’m sure they are already happy with the results of their new lineup, AGG were one round away from qualifying for Dreamhack Master Malmo yesterday, during the qualifier they managed to beat Space Soldiers 2-0, SK Gaming 2-0 and lost 1-2 against dignitas after losing the first map, that’s unfortunate but still impressive performance from AGG. I wish I could say something good about ENCE but well, they looked good at the start and had few decent results, but lately have been playing just bad, a team that put so much time into practicing and even bootcamped should never lose to a random danish team of nonamers, I’m talking about their match against “TDJSF” in the qualifier for Dreamhack, not to mention how many times ENCE struggled against weaker teams, just unbelievable.

AGG are the favorites and should have an edge, I believe they will take this but ENCE could pull off an upset, pretty risky match overall.

My odds for this match: AGG 65:35 Ence

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Don't waste money on this match.

Not too sure about this one, AGG looked good yesterday but couldn’t qualify for DreamHack Malmo as they got taken down by Dignitas in a somewhat close BO3 with a 2-1 scoreline. Obviously Dignitas is still a top tier2 team so it’s not that much of a shame that they lost it, they are still a really good team, they seem on point right now as they managed to take down SpaceSoldiers quite convincingly and SK as well. I mentioned this yesterday in the SpaceSoldiers analysis, AGG are a team who seem consistent against lower tier teams and never seem to drop matches against them UNLESS it’s a league with a low prizepool. UCC is a league with a decent prizepool so I’m expecting AGG to just try their best here.

I think the most has been said about Ence yesterday, they simply aren’t looking good and need to make sure who does what in this line-up as it looks rather chaotic. The loss against Ancient was obviously not that much of a shame as Ancient managed to qualify for DreamHack Malmo after beating FlipSide and CPH Wolves as well. Not that much can be said about this loss but overall Ence just look shaky.

I think that AGG should be able to win this one. Like I said, they always seem consistent against lower tier teams and Ence right now are simply a bit worse than AGG. I expect AGG to win this one.

My odds for this match: AGG 65:35 Ence


This is a tricky one to call here. Both of these teams can be really inconsistent at times, especially Ence who I am yet to fully grab onto how good they are. We know that Ence has potential as a team, and they are still a somewhat new lineup, so perhaps they just need time to settle things together, time will only tell. Right now Ence is not looking the brightest, however form is temporary, class is permanent, so do not count them out here, they definitely have what it takes to stand up to AGG and even beat them. It also has been somewhat of a trend with Ence since their origin, do well in a few games, and then just do bad the others. Ence’s DreamHack Malmo qualifier run yesterday came to a very short stop as they were 2-0’d by Ancient, and I mean Ancient is a good side with potential, however worrying signs once again, especially when you compare it to the results of AGG. For Ence it can really just rely if their star players are on form here, when Sunny and Allu are firing on all cylinders, this team can become very lethal very quick, and challenge a lot of the tier 2 teams, and if they are on form for this BO3, AGG could be in for a rough one.

On the otherside of things, this AGG lineup is not the one of NA consisting RooRoo, Twistz and what not, this is actually Ex-Vexed. Much like Ence, the AGG boys struggle for consistency themselves as they often find themselves struggling versus teams that they really should be beating, however at other times when everybody is firing their shots, especially Rallen, this team seems to instantly step up a few ranks. Just like Ence, AGG played in the online DreamHack Malmo qualifier, and came up just short however they had a impressive run yesterday. They managed to 2-0 SpaceSoldiers who are a very decent Turkish side so that is a nice result, 2-0’d SK which I mean, I was not expecting and definitely an impressive result, however then fell short 2-1 to Dignitas, which no shame as Dignitas is a very strong team. Overall form wise, AGG definitely takes the advantage here, and formwise they should be taking this. Even further pushing it, the AGG guys have been together for much longer than Ence, so their chemistry is obviously higher.

This is a very important match for both of the teams, since this is the first match they are going to be playing in their UCC Season 4 group. The other two teams in their group is FM Esports and Gambit Gaming. You can strongly except Gambit to take that number 1 spot especially as they already defeated FM Esports, so the battle for 2nd place will be real here. I feel like whoever wins this matchup will take the 2nd spot, unless they manage to knock off Gambit. So this is definitely a very big matchup for both teams, so expect them to try their best here. UCC Season 4 will be for 25,000 thousand dollars for 1st place, so that is huge for Tier 2-3 teams like these who don’t necessarily have the skill to compete at majors and challenge your Fnatic’s and what not, great tournament for them and one that many have a great shot at. Overall, for me this is a 65-35 match in favor of AGG here. I think that Ence while they can take this as they can be really solid at times, have not shown it and AGG on the otherhand seem to be improving ever so much recently. This is a high risk game however, so just play the odds with a low bet.


3% on AGG if they are below 70%, otherwise 2-3% on Ence here in the hopes of an upset. Much can just depend on how both teams are feeling for this one, so be careful here, low bets only.

My odds = 65-35 AGG

My risk = High

My bet = 3% AGG if below 70%, otherwise 2-3% Ence

My advice = Same as my bet



My odds for this match: AGG 65:35 Ence

Option 2Bet Ence if odds 30% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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