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CS:GO Minor CIS Qualifier

Best Of 1
2015/12/21 18:00 UTC

Winner 420PM

420PM vs. HPlay at CS:GO Minor CIS Qualifier

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This is a hard to call match as both sides do not have the most amount of games played. The only things to note really are, one side has Fox, which is Dosia’s brother, and the other side has dreaM, who has been known to put up big numbers in the past.

Because these sides don’t have a whole history of matches to base a prediction off, the safest thing to do is to SKIP the first game with these 2 sides, and see how they play. It will give us a clearer indication what to expect from both sides. Remember though, don’t just look at the final outcome, as this is a BO1, and if one side is unlucky to lose both pistols, it can heavily sway the match one way, even if one team actually plays better than the other.

So in conclusion, as these two sides will play more games today, SKIP this one and see how both perform before betting on future matches.

My odds for this match: 420PM 55:45 HPlay

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