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2015/09/02 22:15 UTC

Winner Titan


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Dignitas vs. Titan @CEVO

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This game will be a very tight one to call, but my gut is telling me that Dignitas has the smallest advantage over Titan.


Dignitas have been looking fairly shaky lately, and I’m having doubts if they should stay as the “top T2 team, potential to become T1”. Lately, they have been looking pretty shaky and inconsistent. They are a good team, but something hasn’t been clicking for them. Just today, we saw them go up against Mouz in a BO5 for PGL. It was a very important match, as it was the consolidation final. Dignitas lost after taking just 1 map and there really weren’t any close scorelines. Dignitas ended up just picking up Train but at the same time, dropping Mirage, Dust 2 and Overpass. I mean, this could either be Dignitas playing shakily, or if it was NiKo dropping 113 kills across the four maps. Who knows?

It’s not their only recent loss in the past 48 hours though. They had a match against Fnatic, which they lost 0-2 which is understandable, but again, the scorelines weren’t really close at all. And because of them losing this match, they were sent to the lower bracket where they were dominated by Mouz. Dignitas have also had some pretty close shaves with fellow T2 teams. Few close wins here and there and ties happening too.

At the moment, I’m just under the impression that Digntias isn’t performing at their peak at the moment, but they still do manage to avoid the loss for most of their matches.


The Frenchies are a top 2 French team, just trailing behind the powerful EnvyUs. The roster changes have happened about a month ago, and a month is more than enough time for a lineup to get familiar with each other and to learn how each other play and to fix the big flaws. This lineup definitely does have potential to be a great one, and I expect them to be playing like a low-mid T1 team or an extremely good T2 team.

Just today, they were scheduled to play a match against Dobry&Gaming, however D&G FF’ed that match to a schedule mishap, giving Titan the win by default. Two days ago, on the 1st, Titan played two matches. One against HR and one against Mouz. The match against HR was a BO2 for CEVO, and Titan managed to grind out the 2-0 win with butt clenching scorelines on Overpass (16-12) and Dust 2 (16-14). The match against Mouz did result in a loss for Titan, but it still was a half decent showing by them. Titan lost, 1-2. Cobblestone was the first map, and Titan dropped it without contesting too much, with the map ending at 9-16. The second map was Train, and that was the map that Titan won, winning 16-7. The third map went into OT, but ended at 17-21 in favor for Mouz on Overpass, ending the series with a big butt clench for all bettors.

Overall, I do think that Titan are chugging along okay. If all of the players played to the level that shox is currently sitting at, I think that they have a real good shot at taking this.


This is a BO2, so there is always a chance that this will end as a tie, so I am banking on the belief that Titan is capable of taking just one map off Dignitas to secure us our skins. Due to the current odds (60-40), I will be placing a small bet on Titan. They should be able to take a map off Dignitas if they play their veto’s smart.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 51:49 Titan


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