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2015/09/02 21:00 UTC

Winner Kinguin

E-Frag vs. Kinguin @Faceit Predictions

Kinguin’s online results since ESL One Cologne have been very bad. Since the major they’ve been straight losing, and overall they’ve just been going downhill. Just to show you how bad they’ve been doing, here’s a list of their recent matches:

  • Kinguin 0-2 Flipsid3
  • Kinguin 0-2 TSM
  • Kinguin 0-2 Virtus Pro
  • Kinguin 0-2 SK Gaming
  • Kinguin 1-1 Ebettle
  • Kinguin 2-0 Vega (Sponsored by

As you can see they really haven’t been doing as well as they should. No one has been really stepping up for Kinguin lately, and it seems they’ve all been taking turns bottom fragging. Last time they played E-Frag was before the major, and even then it was close. Kinguin ended up winning 2-0, with scores of 16-14 and 19-17. Kinguin may have won, but that was when they were doing better. How will Kinguin hold up in the condition they are in against a team they could barely beat when they were doing great?

E-Frag , unlike Kinguin, have been on a roll. Straight up wins recently for them in their online matches, against teams like Hellraisers, Piter, and more. E-Frag have been really looking on point as of late, with V1c7or and Dream3r really stepping up. In the condition they’re in, they should be able to beat Kinguin here.

Kinguin may look at the better team from just the lineup, but E-Frag’s dominance in their online matches and Kinguin’s weak scores make me think otherwise. A low bet on E-Frag here works. Good luck!

My odds for this match: 57:43 Kinguin

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