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2015/09/02 18:00 UTC

Winner HR

SK vs. HR @Faceit Predictions

SK’s online results have been pretty good recently. Ever since they acquired CadiaN things have been looking up for the Danes, with wins against Penta, Kinguin, Volgare, and more. However, SK just lost to Property 0-2. To be fair Property had twist step in for them instead of Dumas, and Twist is the better player in my opinion. I believe this is the reason SK lost, as Twist went +26 in the two maps alone. So even though they did lose 0-2, we should give them some leeway.

Since their fantastic win at Acer Predator Masters, Hellraisers have had some ups and downs in the online play. They lost to Kinguin 1-2 which is acceptable, and two BO2 wins against Property and Infinity. However, their last three games is where they haven’t been playing as well. Two straight 0-2 losses against Titan and E-Frag, and a 2-1 win against Reason. However, Hellraisers really should have beaten Reason 2-0. They are the much better team with more experience and skill, and they have no excuse to nearly losing 0-2 to them. They really could have lost 0-2 fairly easily, as the second map (Hellraisers lost the first map) ended 14-16 in favor of Hellraisers.

SK’s online play has been pretty good recently, even with the 0-2 loss to Property. Hellraisers haven’t looked so good the past few matches. I do have to give the slight advantage to Hellraisers here just because I do think they have the better team overall, just worse results recently. However, the odds are great for a low bet on SK.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 45:55 HR

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