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PGL Season 1

Best Of 1
2015/09/03 18:00 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

Na’Vi vs. Dignitas @PGL Season 1

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Na’Vi and Dignitas are both currently in a HUGE slump. This game is unsettling to me as the odds are extremely skewed. Dignitas is definitely closer to Na’Vi as they really seem but they shouldn’t be this spread apart.

Dignitas hasn’t been the team to be winning games recently as they’ve been slumping in performance. Not having a direct win for almost a week or so, this team isn’t too hot as they’re losing to teams at or below their tier level. Their game against Titan wasn’t one to be proud about as this team was steam rolled for one entire map (Cobble Stone) but had a slight redemption pulling the second map (Train) into overtime but sadly losing it.

Na’Vi have been having team communication problems and of everything, this is most likely the worst way to have a team slump as this can churn terrible vibes within the team. Na’Vi haven’t exactly won much but they’re looking slightly better than Dignitas. This team hasn’t been doing well since a few days ago against TSM but they’re game from yesterday tells a different and worse story. Losing this horribly to TSM is odd as Na’Vi generally get around to the 2 digit mark when it comes to battling similar tier 1 teams so something is definitely odd going with Na’Vi.

Another factor that has me bothered is the BO1 factor, essentially making this game more heavy and unsettling when betting. A chance of an upset is high here and we’re here to abuse the odds.

A suggested bet is an ICB on Dignitas but be aware that this game is going to be extremely close.

Bet: ICB Dignitas

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 60:40 Dignitas

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