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Fragbite Masters

Best Of 5
2015/09/05 16:00 UTC

Winner Fnatic
Team SoloMid


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Fnatic vs. TSM @Fragbite Masters

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This is a showmatch between Fnatic and TSM. Some people may consider it useless and a throwaway, however there is a twist to this. All 5 of the maps in this BO5 will be played, regardless of the score. Every time a team wins a map, they win some money, and this goes on till the 5th map, with the last 2 maps being worth the most. A few thousand dollars is on the line here, and I would imagine that a few thousand dollars is a good enough incentive for a team to try their best.


Fnatic has looked pretty damn good lately, coming home from ESL One Cologne with a win and then going on to qualify for PGL with three online matches. Their first match was against the strong looking Mouz, where the series ended up at 2-1 with Mouz taking Cache off Fnatic. Fnatic did however win Train and Overpass, which brought them to the upper bracket finals where they faced off against Dignitas. Fnatic then proceeded to roll Dignitas, 2-0. From there, they went off to the grand finals against Mouz, where again, they dropped a map (Train) but ended up winning 3-1 to secure a spot at the PGL LAN which is set to take place soon.


Things for TSM have been looking quite mediocre lately. Ever since coming home from ESL One Cologne, they have been busy with PGL and trying to qualify. They have played a total of 7 matches since coming home, where they won 5 of those encounters. Those two losses were against VP in a BO5 and Na’vi in a BO3. Just today, we saw them go up against Kinguin in a very tight BO3 series. GeT_RiGhT was standing in for ‘fox’ (secondary AWPer?), and he had a pretty big impact on how the game turned out. The series ended at a 2-1 win for TSM, however it was too close to call it a comfortable win. TSM won both of their maps in double OT. Dust 2 (21-15) and Inferno (21-18). They gave off a bad starting impression by dropping the first map Train (7-16), however by some miracle, they took back the series.


TSM had some pretty shaky performances today against Kinguin, and it was definitely not the best showing. As for Fnatic, it has been just under a week since we have last seen them play, but I do trust that they will be trying their best for the money reward, and just for their fans in general. I personally think that Fnatic will be able to take this one home because of the weak match they played today against Kinguin. Even if everything was ‘normal’, I still would favour Fnatic over TSM.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 65:35 Team SoloMid


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