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2015/09/09 21:00 UTC

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Dignitas vs. HR @CEVO

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This match will be a truly risky one, and there are so many risk factors associated with this.


Dignitas has made their first lineup change in quite a long time after not finding success. They had to change something. Dignitas are now no longer a full Danish team, as they have removed Nico and added in the Swedish schneider. Schneider was most known for playing on Property a few months ago, and he has been a roaming free agent for quite some time now. This change will be a pretty big one. Now that schneider is in the team, the team will have a few obstacles to overcome. First of all, the team will have some troubled communicating. Schneider himself said that he only understand 60-70% of their Danish. Time is needed to grow the teams new potential.

This will be the first game that Dignitas will be playing with schneider. Because that this is the first game that Dignitas will be playing with their new pickup, I would class this match as a very high risk match. Before this change, Dignitas had participated in the DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015 EU pre-qualifier #1. They got upset by K1CK.HU, losing 0-2 which was a huge disappointment. Digntias as a team has been very inconsistent this past month or two, and it’s really a coin flip with them. We either see a healthy and thriving Dignitas or we see a complete flop.


Like Dignitas, Hellraisers is a pretty inconsistent team too. Thoguh, they have been together for quite some time, so the chemistry and calling should all be on point. It’s just that the team sometimes doesn’t co-operate and their matches end up as a loss for them. HR has also been participating in the DreamHack event like Dignitas, and HR put up better results. In their BO3’s, they won against SK, London Conspiracy and the Wizards. Their most recent match, however was yesterday against Dobry&Gaming, and that ended as a 1-1 tie, as HR won Overpass but just dropped Train on the final round. Overall, a pretty good performance.

There isn’t much else to say on HR besides that I think that they can be am inconsistent team at times, and trusting them with your skins on a match is a bit of a gamble.


I would recommend a skip to this match if your inventory is small and you can’t afford a loss, but if you do have the spare skins, I would personally place a low bet on HR. My personal odds are 50-50, and this match is literally a coin toss. Due to the current odds, I will be going low on HR. Can’t stress to you enough how risky this is. This is a BO2 though, so the possibility for a tie is always here.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 50:50 HR

Hi guys,

Thijs here doing a prediction on Digni Vs. HR.  This morning we got the news that Dignitas replaced Nico with intimidate effect. I’m not going to talk to much about this but it’s a factor to keep in mind. Dignitas instantly got a new member, Schneider.

I’m not to satisfied with the last results of Dignitas. I don’t know if they had problems with Nico which might lead to round loses but i don’t think it had a huge factor.

For as far as i know this is the first match that Dignitas will play with Schneider. The thing i am most concerned with is the language barrier Dignitas will have. The callouts might be unclear for Schneider if they call out in danish in the heat of the battle. However i don’t think it will effect their gameplay to much.

Hellraisers had a decent winning strike against different tier teams. They managed to beat Na’Vi 2-0 some time ago, with one close map. I had a feeling Hellraisers was struggling against D&G yesterday.


My favor this match goes towards Dignitas, they got a new player and they might have a language barrier which might fuck em up a bit but i believe in their aim. They got some nice individual skill and i feel its a bit more like HR. Just don’t bet to much on this game . It is still a flip coin. Only bet what you can lose.

Goodluck guys!

My odds for this match: Dignitas 55:45 HR


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