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2015/09/10 16:30 UTC

Winner Team SoloMid

TSM vs. Na’Vi @ESL Predictions

Just to let you know iam a navi fan and this will make the prediction a little bit biased because i obviously always want them to win.
You better check predictions from the others in that match to see what they think 😀

Okay so i really dont know what to think about this match, on the one hand navi is often on point when it matters, on the other hand they are mentally one of the weakest teams in the field. If they lose a 4v2 situation or something like that they can easy fall apart and fuck each other up.
On the other hand TSM did not look that good recently if you ask me. Especially in the bo5 against Fnatic i expected much more from them.

What speaks for TSM is that they are relaxed and did not participate in the gaming nightmare this weeek. Navi got overall +-20 hours more in the last 2 weeks than the TSM guys which might mean they are a little bit sharper here.
But yeah the biggest factor will be the mental state of navi, will they go tilt or not. If not i think they will have a really good shot at this, especially on maps like d2,overpass and inferno.

My suggestion, go low on NAVI

Best of luck everybody!

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 60:40 Na’Vi

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