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2015/09/10 14:20 UTC

Winner VP


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VP vs. NiP @ESL

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Very interesting match which could turn super boring.
I think NiP will most likely change their lineup after this event. All of the players didnt really practice for this even (allu 23 hours last 2 weeks)
and i dont know if they will have motivation left as a team right now.
VP looked solid in cologne, also against NiP on inferno and train.

I just believe that VP is
1. In better form
2. Got much more hours than NiP in last 2 weeks
3. Always strong on LAN
4. A team that wont change the lineup and is motivated to do good.

I think NiP will need a lot of NiP magic to make this happen, but yeah its a bo1 so its not impossible but i feel like VP should have this =)

My suggestion, bet low/medium on VP, depends how good you feel. Only bet on NiP if you truely believe the NiP magic will happen 😀

Best of luck !

My odds for this match: VP 60:40 NiP

Virtus Pro should definitely be favored for this match, even if it is a BO1. At the PGL LAN they did great, crushing Na’vi in the BO5 final 3-0. They got to the final by beating TSM and Kinguin. Personally I think Virtus Pro are in a great state right now, and I believe they’ll do well in the tournament.

NiP is the exact opposite on Virtus Pro right now. I have no idea why the odds are like this, since any bettor with a mind at all would place their bet on Virtus Pro with these odds. I’m sure you guys already know, but NiP have been flopping at all of the recent LANs, such as Faceit, ESWC, Cologne, and more. They really need to make changes to their lineup or do something new. Everyone expects NiP to go out in group stages at Dubai, and then make the changes they need to become better. NiP have won very few BO3s against top 3 teams in the past few months, and there’s a reason for that.

This is a BO1, which is good and bad for Virtus Pro. For one, Virtus Pro’s map pool is huge. They will easily be able to pick a map they are favored on against  NiP. The bad thing is that BO1s are a bit mor random. Say NiP win both pistol rounds. Then Virtus Pro already have a 0-6 deficit. However this is not probable. Good luck!

My odds for this match: VP 68:32 NiP


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