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IBP Invitational

Best Of 3
2015/09/13 01:55 UTC

Winner CLG
compLexity Gaming

CLG vs. coL @IBP Invitational Predictions

So Complexity is basically the old Nihilium roster, but -Hiko and +Roca. This may not seem like a good thing statistically, but Roca has been doing great things for Complexity, regularly topfragging. However when Complexity have been facing the tier one NA teams, they’ve fallen short. They’ve lost 0-2 against Liquid, tied CLG 1-1, but have been mostly dominating the lower teams they’ve played, like Method and 3sUP.

CLG have been doing pretty well in the NA scene recently. They have recently lost to Liquid and Luminosity, but literally a couple of days before those matches they beat those same teams in BO3s. At the Winout tournament, they beat Luminosity 3-2 in a BO5 to win it all. CLG is definitely one of the teams I see getting better against europeans, especially since they’ve proved that they can do it before. JDM64 has been helping CLG, giving them a quality awper. Right now they’ve playing very well, even though their last two matches were losses.

I believe CLG will definitely take this, and a low-medium bet might work on them. They’ve the better team individually, and they have a lot more teamwork lately. Good luck!

My odds for this match: CLG 70:39 compLexity Gaming

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