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2015/09/13 12:00 UTC

Winner D&G


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D&G vs. OverGaming @Dreamhack

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Dobry&Gaming are the good old Polish squad that we all know and love. Oskar is the newest addition to the lineup, and he has migrated from NerdRage to D&G. In the games that we have seen him play with D&G, he has been performing under most of the D&G players. In some matches, he can frag decently and end up in the upper part of the scoreboard, but from personal experience and watching him, he is usually on the bottom end of the scoreboard. D&G’s most game was against HR 4 days ago, and the series ended as a tie. HR took the first map, Overpass fairly easily, 16-9 and D&G only just managed to save themselves a loss on Train, winning on the final round 16-14 and just got the tie by the skin of their teeth. Before that, D&G lost 0-2 to SK and won 2-0 against the Finnish MIXCAT.

D&G are playing like a mediocre T2 team at the moment, and this could either be from the new guy Oskar trying to find his feet or Loord just not playing like he played back in 1.6. D&G do not have an official org sponsoring them, however when they do find an org, they will complete their lineup with a ‘real’ player so Loord can coach. As for Oskar, if he doesn’t pick his game up, this series could be a close one and his future playing with D&G may not look too bright.

OverGaming are a team made up of 3 Spanish players and 2 Portugueses. Just judging from their previous results, I can see that they are actually an above average T3 team. This team for the most part has been playing together for a while now, so they aren’t just some random mix thrown together for this event. Their most recent match was a jaw dropper, as they 16-0’d KillerFish on Cache. KillerFish is a good German team, one of the best on Germany and OverGaming 16-0’d them. Great achievement. This was just yesterday. Before that, OverGaming lost a BO1 against LondonConspiracy on Cache, 6-16. OverGaming isn’t too active in too many leagues, thus the lack of frequent games to base research off.

Since I’m not too familiar with OverGaming and their strengths/weaknesses, I’ll just be throwing an ICB on them. In this match, I would also advise you to see how D&G are playing and Loord/Oskar so you can use this match to base your next bet off in the next D&G game. Anyway, I’m not sure how the odds will turn out, but D&G will most definitely have 80%+ odds, so that automatically means that I won’t be going high on them.

My odds for this match: D&G 70:30 OverGaming


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