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2015/09/14 20:00 UTC

Winner ESC


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Summa vs. ESC @D!ngIT

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I don’t honestly know much about the Spanish side of summa other than driftking is meant to be good. The majority of this team used to play in a side called Hybrid, who about a year ago had a close match against Planetkey, when they were nex strux1, cLy, Troubley, and stavros. Judging from this, the players must have at least some skill.

ESC actually looked decent yesterday, and considering how they looked before, which was honestly really bad, I fancy their chances in this match. It is hard to predict how good or bad the Spanish side will be, and as ESC for the most part looked bad recently, and we are unsure how good the Spaniards will be, the most logical thing to do is, ICB on summa or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Summa 35:65 ESC

ESC are a pretty good team despite having a relatively new roster. ESC are quite a consistent team with some amazing players such as MINISE who has been in the team for a long time and has been known to stand in for Virtus. Pro on occasion. The current lineup seems to be pretty good and consistent with a recent win against Epsilon and a very close game with eBettle.

Summa are a team which I doubt many of you have heard of as they have no recorded games on HLTV and are yet to become an established team in the CSGO scene. It is likely that Summa, like many other Spanish teams, will just play one game and then never be heard of again. However the addition of drifking to their roster does bring them some credibility.

I think this game is very likely to be an easy win for ESC as they are a well established and experienced team whereas Summa are an unknown team with mostly unknown players. This does bring a small element of risk to this match though as unknown teams have a small possibility to be good. My advice for this game is to completely skip it unless you are someone with a large inventory who is OK with taking risks with large amounts of money. This is because although this should be an easy win for ESC, their odds on lounge are so high there is no point betting on them unless you bet $80+. However I would not advise you risk that kind of value on a game like this as the factor of having an unknown team always adds an element of risk.

My odds for this match: Summa 22:78 ESC


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