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RGN Freedom! Cup

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2015/09/16 15:00 UTC

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vVv vs. FE @RGN Freedom! Cup

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This is a BO1 between two T2 NA teams. Do keep in mind that this does already pose a pretty big risk. This is CS and pretty much anything can happen, especially with semi-known professional players and teams.


The Flying Ducks, or what is now the vVv squad has a lineup of some semi known professional T2 NA players. These players are not the best, hence why they are just T2 and nothing more than that. This squad looks like ex-Mostly Harmless with a minor roster change. I recognise nearly all of the names that are playing now except for jvw. I couldn’t find any match records with this lineup under their new name however, so this will be their ‘debut’ match with this org. The lineup does look somewhat promising, however their opponents do look pretty strong too.


FE is ex-SKDC, which was a T2 NA team. The FE lineup is full of old names and talents, such as the infamous IGL, hades, APE and the wildly inconsistent OCEAN (big O). FollowEsports has only had a handful of games under their org, however the lineup is quite familiar with each other. Their most recent game has been against Sponsorless/Conquest, where FE lost 0-2. Actually, FE haven’t had a win since starting playing matches under that name, however if you look at the quality of teams they VS, you would understand. They have had losses against Luminosity, Conqest and Complexity. However they did 1-1 tie against Lunatik/Orgless.

I’m pretty unsure with these guys at the moment. Back when they went under the name SKDC way way back months ago, they just kept consistently losing despite having a promising and fruitful roster. Could this be the case here?


Not sure what to say here. You got two teams. vVv who haven’t played a game under this name yet and you also have FE who have also been having a dry period with no wins and mostly losses.  I would like to say that FE will take this, but in the past they have demonstrated that they can fall even with a decent roster. They are all Canadians, so I do hope that they don’t let their opponents walk all over them 😉

Anyway, if you did have to bet, I would just say put a low one on FE if the odds suggest that it’s a good bet, but at the moment it’s not looking too great.

My odds for this match: vVv 40:60 FE


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