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RGN Freedom! Cup

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2015/09/17 05:00 UTC

Winner CLG


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CLG vs. Conquest @RGN Freedom! Cup

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Ok guys so as you can see this is a very high risk game. This is because CLG haven’t been playing that well recently. In addition, Conquest have been performing at their best ever recently and are turning out to be one of the more significant teams in the N/A scene. Conquest have won 4 of their last 5 games whereas CLG have only won 2/5. On top of all that CLG dont seem to be able to play well against Conquest on the whole, they have only even won 2 maps (Mirage and Train) against Conquest. This could mean that Conquest’s play style and strategies on most maps works very well against CLG in general. This all makes it look like this game should be relatively easy for Conquest but there is one thing worth considering before you bet on Conquest: every single map these teams have played against each other has been 16-13 or 16-14. This means that although Conquest seem to be winning the majority of the maps it has been very very close in all of their games. This is why the risk in this game is pretty high as these teams seem to be a pretty close match for each other with Conquest only having the slight lead in their total map score history, despite having won many more maps.

I recommend you place a small bet on Conquest for this one as they have great odds on CSGOLounge and have the best chance of winning this match. I don’t advise you bet a huge amount on them as their map history is extremely close. If you are looking to take a huge risk and win big on an underdog game bet then this would be a good game for it as the current odds on lounge are pretty low for Conquest and they have a good shot at winning. However, if you do this be prepared to lose whatever you bet as this game could be very close.

My odds for this match: CLG 56:44 Conquest


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