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World Championships 2015

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2015/09/17 18:30 UTC

Winner Iceland


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Iceland vs. Belarus @World Championships 2015

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DISCLAIMER: This is Day 2 of the new M4A1-S update, and I would like to assume that the majority of pro players still have not gotten used to the new update or the M4A4 counter part. Please take this as a risk, as this change can potentially change the way many professionals play.

I am really not too familiar with any of the players representing Iceland, however I have seen ‘pallib0ndi’ play with his team a long time ago back when they were on the lounge. The individual stats for the players aren’t too shabby, with 3 of them being 1.0 or above, one being 0.92 and the lowest docking at 0.87. The last match where Iceland was seen competing was on the 29th of August (with the same lineup against Czech Republic), and they did win 2-1. In their past 5 matches, they have also scored wins against Albania and Lithuania. Their two losses were both against Norway – a much superior lineup. Iceland do look like a decent team at the moment, but there really isn’t too much information or any way to tell their recent form.

Belarus is sporting some well known players from the CIS scene. Two notable players are ‘dERZKIY’ and ‘CyberFocus’ who is the star AWPer of this team who is most recognized for filling in for s1mple for the ESL ESEA matches a few months ago. The players all have a rating in the 0.90’s and above on HLTV, with most of them being in the high 0.90’s. Their last match was against Ireland, where Belarus won 2-0 and 16-0 on Mirage. This was, however, with a slightly different roster (-+2 players). Before that, Belarus lost two matches against Poland (10-16 and Finland (1-2). They did however beat Belgium and Turkey in the opening stages.

These lineups do look similar in terms of firepower, but I’m going to have to give the slight edge to Belarus. The players on there can all frag well when they want to.  As for Iceland, I’m not sure about those chaps. They have put up good results in the past. It’s hard to say when you don’t know what form the players are on, but I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that Belarus will win.

Do take this match with caution, as this is a BO1 and this is the World Championships.

My odds for this match: Iceland 45:55 Belarus


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