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World Championships 2015

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2015/09/17 21:00 UTC

Winner Russia


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Finland vs. Russia @World Championships 2015

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DISCLAIMER: This is Day 2 of the new M4A1-S update, and I would like to assume that the majority of pro players still have not gotten used to the new update or the M4A4 counter part. Please take this as a risk, as this change can potentially change the way many professionals play.

The Finnish lineup is looking pretty good right now. The players are all fairly familliar with each other, as the majority come from friendly teams from their region. Allu from NiP will be the focus for most people, but also Juho who has recently left NerdRage because of some internal issues. Sunny and XartE play for MIXCAT and are still in a team. As for disturbed, I’m not too sure about him but he still is a known player in the Finnish scene. This will be the first match that Finland will play in TWC EU qualifier. HLTV lists them as playing matches in the past, however that was for the King of Nordic league which has a completely different lineup to this one. Do not use that information. This is a fresh lineup, one that we have never seen playing together. Just letting you know.

The Russian lineup looks fantastic right now, and it filled with talents from T1-3 teams. Three common names on that team are seized, flamie and Dosia. Seized and flame currently play for Na’vi who have been having some internal issues, but still remain as a T1 team while Dosia has just left HR in search for a new team to represent. The other two players aren’t exactly no namers though. Hooch is one of the best RU/CIS players out there, and he currently plays for ‘dope’. Spaze is a mediocre CIS player who tends to be on fire in certain games but performs average in others. There’s no telling with him, but he can play very well at times. He currently plays for ‘Piter’ and has the highest rating out of all the Piter players.

My personal pick for this match is Russia, as their lineup looks amazing. The only small doubt I have in my head is the Na’vi trouble. We don’t exactly know what’s going on and who’s mad at who, but if seized and flamie are mad at each other, then we could see a little bit of ‘heat’ or ‘trolling’ from them since they are not playing for Na’vi in this match, they are playing for Russia. Finland’s lineup does look good, but just not as good as the Russian one.


My odds for this match: Finland 40:60 Russia


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