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GameAgents League

Best Of 2
2015/09/18 22:00 UTC

Winner NR


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NR vs. Property @GameAgents League

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NerdRage has undergone a massive roster change, however two of the original players are still playing. Joelz and hMp. There hasn’t been an official roster announcement, however ever since villiG has left, the roster has been different for each game that they’ve played. The last game they played, it was just Joelz, hMp and 3 other Swedes. This time, there is Joelz, hMp, a Turkish player, another Swede and a fella from Austria. I know that NIZN (the other Swede) is on the roster for now and am0 (Turkish guy) is from Planetkey. As for dukiii the Austrian, I have never heard of him and I don’t know if he is any good or not. Since this is a very different lineup from last game, I won’t use that match for information.

I do know that Joelz is an insane fragger, and hMp and NIZN get along together. The other two players aren’t familiar to me, so I can’t make a fair judgement on them and how NerdRage will do this match.

Property on the other hand is shaping up to be a middle level T2 team. Their lineup has 3 Swedes and 2 players from Bosnia, and there are quite a few known names like berg, robiin and BENDJII. When the lineup was first signed on to Property, they pretty much failed to do anything good however as time progressed, they have made some great improvements, and this can be seen through their recent results. Their last match was two days ago against G2.Kinguin and Property did lose 0-2 but they did push Cache to the final round before losing and they also did get 9 rounds off them on Mirage. They tied against CW, Worst Players and Dignitas, won against Volgare, SK and INFINITY and their only loss besides the G2.Kinguin loss was against E-Frag.

Property do live up to their middle T2 reputation, and they aren’t anything too special like the previous all Swedish lineup which used to fly the Property name. Still, this team does seem to work well together and does manage to put up decent results.

Property should be able to take a map in this BO2 series to secure the skins of Property bettors. I don’t really think NerdRage have too much of a chance to outright win this, but with that being said, I am really not too familiar with the players on NerdRage besides Joelz and hMp. They are just trialling lineups at the moment.

My odds for this match: NR 35:65 Property


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