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LevelDown Championship

Best Of 3
2015/09/18 20:30 UTC

Winner WGG


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WGG vs. DeadPixels @LevelDown Championship

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From what I have seen from DeadPixels so far, they have impressed me a lot. I watched some vods of them with most of the same players at a local Benelux LAN, and they really impressed me then too. They will find it hard against WCG, who contain the experienced player Uzzziii, and some natural talent in scara. It should be a close game, and my personal odds would be around 60-40 in favour of WCG. Due to DP impressing me, and because I love an underdog, I will be going ICB on DP.

My odds for this match: WGG 60:40 DeadPixels

Ok guys so there is not much to go on here as Dead Pixels only have 3 recorded matches at the moment. The only thing these teams can be compared by is their matches against Melty. WGG played in a Bo3 against Melty and won 2-0 scoring 16-12 on both Dust2 and Inferno. Dead Pixels however only played a Bo1 against them on Cache but did win it 16-10. This is obviously an extremely inaccurate comparison to make as they did not play the same maps and Melty could have performed differently in each game. This comparison shows that WGG and Dead Pixels are of a very similar ability as they got similar scored against Melty in their maps.

This game is incredibly risky due to the lack of information on Dead Pixels and i would advise you play it safe and just ICB on Dead Pixels for this game. However, if you are looking to take a risk and bet on an underdog then this would be a good game to do it on. WGG and Dead Pixels look like very similar teams and Dead Pixels definitely have a good chance at winning this one. My advice is that you ICB on Dead Pixels and play it safe but if you are willing to and can afford to take a risk then I think a high risk bet on Dead Pixels could be a good option as they have pretty low odds on lounge and definitely have a good chance of winning this game.

My odds for this match: WGG 44:56 DeadPixels


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