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Best Of 1
2015/09/19 21:15 UTC

Winner G2
SK Gaming


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G2 vs. SK @Dreamhack

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G2 has recently picked up all of the entire ex-Kinguin lineup. This means that all players on team G2 are heavily inspired to play their best, showing their sponsor that they’re worth every penny G2 spent buying them. Now, this would look great on paper but in practice, it’s an ENTIRELY different story. Sure, the team has great individual talent such as ScreaM, Maikelele and even Rain but even at their best, they are still struggling to win against these smaller teams such as eBettle, HR and even Property (depending on the lineup). The games G2 played against these teams may not have been losses but they were way to close especially with a talented lineup that G2 or Kinguin ran at the time.

On the other hand, SK is a mix of great and okay Danish professionals. The great players are the most experienced ones such as AciioN, Friis and especially CadiaN. These three players have played games against top tier teams while running under Reason and Copenhagen Wolves. Now to the more unknown players, K0nfig and SandeN. K0nfig is a player who is inconsistent such as one game he performs under most of the team then occasionally he’ll hit 2nd to top frag for the team. This could be a switch of rolls but still, it’s an inconsistent performance in my eyes. SandeN is a player who is consistent yet with an average or mediocre performance meaning that he isn’t consistently bad but he also isn’t carrying the team every game. Sure, SandeN may be one of the players who was on the team the longest, yet he never exactly improved heavily with all of the experience on him. Now, performance wise, this team is no top tier team but they sure can perform well against teams in their respective tiers (tier 2 – 3). Right now, SK can pull a LOT of rounds off of G2, especially on LAN.

Considering this team will be a Best of 1, there’s a high chance that SK can pull this game off of G2, depending on the map but however, the fact that this game is a Best of 1 automatically makes this game closer than it should be. The odds are skewed and a SMALL bet on SK is recommended.

My odds for this match: G2 60:40 SK Gaming


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