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Best Of 3
2015/09/19 21:00 UTC

Winner HR

HR vs. Infused @GO:CL

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Hellraisers have recently seen off Dosia and have welcomed s1mple. The lineup change isn’t 100% official yet, however it is very likely that s1mple will be signed on to the HR squad. Ever since leaving Flipsid3, s1mple has just been floating around and not been doing too much important, however I do believe that he will like HR as he has flown under its flags before, as well as played with ANGEL and Kucher in the past. HR is also a team which has the same communications as him and they are also a T2 team which s1mple fits into.

There really isn’t too much to go off on, as this lineup hasn’t had any official games together YET. Though, since Dosia’s departure, they have had 4 games. Two of those were for ESL ESEA, where s1mple is banned from so instead of s1mple, they used ‘fix’. The other two matches were for FaceIt and although s1mple was playing in both of said matches, Kucher wasn’t playing, and taking his place again was ‘fix. HR lost all 4 of these BO1’s to Fnatic, Mouz, TSM and G2.Kinguin.

Infused is one of the best teams from the UK at the moment, however they have been failing to produce any good results when playing teams not from the UK or surrounding areas. Recently, they have been taking part in the ESL UK Premiership and they have been going fairly well, winning 4/5 matches and only losing to ‘Choke’. Do keep in mind that these were BO1’s. The wins were against CeX, United Estonia, Fish123 and GLG. Their last BO3 was late last month against ‘Choke’ (tied 1st place as best UK team), and they lost 1-2.

Although I do think HR should win this BO3, I do think that Infused is being a bit under rated here. My personal odds are 80-20 and I’ll be throwing a small ICB onto Infused. HR with s1mple does look very deadly though, so I can’t wait to see how they will perform together.

My odds for this match: HR 80:20 Infused


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