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GameAgents League

Best Of 2
2015/09/20 20:30 UTC

No Winner Announced


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FSid3 vs. Orbit @GameAgents League

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Team Orbit is a surprising team as they’re actually team k1ck being picked up from Orbit recently. Now the roster on Orbit are a tier 4-5 team who occasionally perform extremely well if they study a team enough. Sure, K1ck hasn’t had a recently strong run but they’ve racked off a high number of rounds off some high tier teams at times such as Dignitas or Copenhagen Wolves. This may be due to this team having some strong maps they frequently practice on (Cobblestone, Cache, Inferno) but other than that, this team should be able to choose one of their favored maps in this Best of 2 and play extremely well on their pick. But FlipSid3 isn’t going to make it easy for them.

FlipSid3 is a tier 2 – 3 team who consists of talented players viable of taking this game against Orbit. Players like Markeloff and WorldEdit being some notable riflers on this team. The new player, Davcost, is doing fine on the team although not being as insanely skilled as S1mple but the communication and team performance has enhanced since the roster change. As for this team’s performance, they don’t seem to have any “preferred” or “favored” maps as heavily as team Orbit, being a more well rounded team. The only maps I can really see where FlipSid3 shine is Cobblestone but this team’s performance on that map doesn’t exactly stand out far from their other maps. Compared to Orbit, FlipSid3 is a more developed and well rounded team although I’d like to see how FlipSid3 plays against Orbit on Orbit’s map choice.

As for the Best Of 2, don’t be surprised if Orbit manages to a win since Orbit has some heavily favored maps for themselves. Then again, don’t expect Orbit to take both maps as FlipSid3 is bound to get one from this game even if the games are going to be close.

This game will either be a tie or going towards FlipSid3 since I can’t exactly see Orbit taking it from FlipSid3.

Bet: High FlipSid3

My odds for this match: FSid3 80:20 Orbit


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