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2015/09/21 22:20 UTC

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Volgare vs. Orbit @GameAgents League Predictions

This match is a domestic matchup between arguably the two best teams from Hungary at the moment.


Volgare is definitely the underdog in this situation, and the past few matches has been a little bit of a struggle since their roster does change here and there every few matches or so. Now, this specific lineup has had just 1 match together and that was against WorstPlayers, and Volgare lost 0-2. Volgare however does keep 3 core players all the time, with those players being Barcode, Gabeson and Foda.  Volgare have not won a match on record since the 30th of July, and that was against the Space Soldiers. Do keep in mind that they have lost 8 matches in a row spanding over a one month period. Pretty shocking to be honest, but I personally don’t think they have been playing to their full potential the past month or so as there is little motivation for the players.


Unlike Volgare, Orbit is doing very well, with this lineup being transferred from K1CK.HU to Orbit, a much bigger sponsor. Motivation levels should be high, and these players have been performing better in general compared to Volgare. Under the name Orbit, this current lineup has had just one match and that was yesterday against Flipsid3. The end result was a 1-1 tie and no real loss to either team, but also not a win. Taking a map off Flipsid3 is pretty good itself I might add. I’m just going to keep this prediction short and simple from here on out. Orbit is the better team here, and they have a set roster instead of always changing their 4th and 5th man around like Volgare.


This is a domestic match, and in the past we have seen some pretty competitive things going on and upsets taking place. Simple examples include Dignitas and TSM used to have very close matches all the time and just in general, teams do get competitive when up against other teams from the same country.  Still, I personally think Orbit should win this but with Orbit currently at 86% odds, I’m not touching this match with a 10 foot pole. If the odds don’t level out by the time I go to bed, I will probably skip or ICB this match. 14% for an ICB is pretty dang sweet.

My odds for this match: Volgare 25:75 Orbit

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