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GameAgents League

Best Of 2
2015/09/21 18:00 UTC

Winner Reason


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Reason vs. NR @GameAgents League

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Reason Gaming has recently lost their ‘power fragger’, k0nfig, just under a week ago. Reason is a T2 team which has had a lot of struggles in the past, and even now you can still see them struggle a little bit in their matches. Their most recent match has been against INFINITY, where Reason faced a pretty embarassing 1-2 defeat, dropping Mirage and Train with a combined of 10 rounds gained across those two maps, but they did pick up Dust 2, 16-12. This could be a sign that Reason aren’t well prepared at the moment and can’t play like they did back when k0nfig was around. Their only other match without k0nfig was against Dignitas and Reason lost 0-2 as expected.

NerdRage’s lineup is not confirmed for this match as there is no info on who is playing or even a HLTV page. NerdRage’s lineup pretty much is always changing with Joelz remaining there and players from all different nationalities come to play under the NerdRage banner. Their most recent match has been a very controversial one, as a player known as ‘dukiii’ was “blatantly cheating” according to most people and he did make some very interesting shots and what not. However since there is no official lineup announced as of yet, it is very hard to say and make a prediction on who is going to win. Players that play on NerdRage tend to be T3 players who do have the potential to join a T2 team, but they never do. A lot of them are “onliners” and they are very talented players.

I’m just going to say this. If NerdRage do have the balls to cheat during a match, then they also have the balls to throw a match. I would suggest avoid placing large amounts on NerdRage unless it’s a very obvious win for NerdRage. Don’t bet on them when they are the over dog and consider placing a small amount on them if they are the under dog with potential to win. Even then, you can never tell with NerdRage and their always dynamic lineup.

I’ll be going low on Reason, however I’m very tentative at the moment because of their recent lineup change, but also NerdRage worries me since it’s a coin flip with them. I reckon skipping is a smart option to skip here, however I am hoping that Reason has had enough time to settle down and figure out how to play without k0nfig.

My odds for this match: Reason 35:65 NR


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