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2015/09/22 04:15 UTC

No Winner Announced

Mortality vs. NME @CEVO Predictions

The former Mortality side who were recently dropped by their org due to reasons not confirmed, but speculated by many. They come into this game against an improving NME side, that still relies on the inconsistent Koosta to win them games. With this being a BO2, between two sides I would say are pretty even, it should make for a good game.

Mortality recently changed their 5th play, with Toy leaving for Method. They trialed FGB and decided to pick up f0bless. Honestly, he is a massive step down from Toy, and the team seems to be suffering at the moment, with poor results. They do have the AWPing power of Witmer, who can compete with Koosta, but they will need the rest to step up, and I think the key guys to look out for will be shinboi, and SicK. SicK only just turned 17, has impressed me a lot, and shinobi’s aggressive pushes can work wonders, or cost his team dearly.

Looking at NME, they have more fragging power in relyks and MAiNLiNE, than they had in zNf and Ryu, and things seem to be clicking for them at the moment. Anomaly is still clearly a tier above the rest of the guys, and he pulls them down sometimes. NME had a good win against Coast, followed by a heavy loss against CLG, which shows the inconsistency of Koosta and co explicitly.

With this being a BO2, the potential for a 1-1 is there, which at least guarantees your skins back. I favour NME for this game at round 64-40. With the odds currently being 30-70, a ICB on Morality might be worth a dabble. These two teams were really close in skill level not so long ago, and the odds do not reflect that. I will personally be going ICB on Mortality, and hoping for at least my skins back, and if you have a few spare things laying around, I suggest you do the same.

My odds for this match: Mortality 40:60 NME

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