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RGN Freedom! Cup

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2015/09/22 05:00 UTC

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Method vs. FE @RGN Freedom! Cup

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I am not entirely sure if you guys will know Fe, or all of their players, so perhaps watch the game before to get an idea. In case you are still a little unsure, let me give you a brief history.

OCEAN was the IGL for SKDC for as long as I can remember. He is a well respected member of the NA community, although honestly not the strongest of players. Hades was the IGL for the old lunatik, and LG, before being cut from both of them. He used to AWP, and is now an average rifler, who can put up big numbers once a blue moon. els also played in SKDC, and is one of the best fraggers for Fe. APE used to play in the stream team with adreN and is the type of player who can perform, but doesn’t do it consistently. Perhaps the least experienced of the bunch is Wabbit, who can AWP well sometimes, but as with the others, needs to perform better.

Method are a team that confuses me. They beat good teams, have close games vs top NA teams, but if you listen to their coms for an hour, you will be at a loss how they manage to beat anyone. Toy is a really good player, and has a lot of potential. Silent3m honestly brings the whole team down. He isn’t a bad player, but his attitude honestly is really poor. You can tell he has an ego, and believes in their hype more than he should. Just9n for me is the master of hindsight. He always says what they should of done, after it went bad, and not before. Strebor seems to be the one everyone blames when things go wrong, often unjustified, and Eley is their IGL, who could do with remaining calm more often.

Looking at this you will be thinking so…who do I possibly bet on? I don’t really see Fe winning this unless Method full crumbles and goes tilt, so if the odds are not bad on them, bet LOW/MED on Method, or SKIP. If Method have above 75% odds, their return is just not worth the risk.

My odds for this match: Method 70:30 FE

Method is an extremely strong team when compared to FE right now. Just by simply comparing games, I can see why Method is at an advantage. With FE being at a HUGE slump, barely evening to manage out a win in a BO2 against team Coast. Method has a better lineup and team performance overall when compared to FE, but considering this game is still a BO1, this game has a higher chance of FE taking the game, although that’s still unlikely for them to upset.

For now, we’ll be going with Method on this one.

My odds for this match: Method 65:35 FE


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