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2015/09/22 12:30 UTC

Winner Cloud9


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Cloud9 vs. ROCCAT @Dreamhack

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Cloud 9

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Cloud 9 at a LAN. Just a few months ago, they had been doing so well internationally at many differernt LANs, reaching the grand finals and having a great overall showing. However that was a few months ago, and more recently they have flopped out of two LANs before making it out of the group stage. Cloud 9 got eliminated at ESL One Cologne in the group stages after defeating Mouz but then lost against both Kinguin and EnvyUs. The more recent LAN was ESL Dubai, and again, Cloud 9 flopped out and didn’t score a map, getting defeated by EnvyUs and NiP.

Cloud 9 are a top NA team along with CLG, however their international performances as of recent have not been convincing. Their losses however were to teams a lot better than them, and I would class Cloud 9 as a high T2 team. Surely they want to do well this LAN and I do believe the crew is capable of making it past the group stages this time and qualifying for the main event.


Mixcat is a team of Finnish players which have been thrown in together to form a fully Finnish lineup for this event. Mixcat have qualified through the open qualifier and a long string of matches this month. They have most recently defeated Reason 2-1 to get to where they are currently sitting. Mixcat have been able to defeat teams like SK, Torpedo and Volgare. Other than the qualifier, this team has not played anything else. This mix does look pretty promising as a high T3 team.


This should be a fairly easy match for Cloud 9 to be honest. They have performed extremely well in the past and the last two LANs which they have attended have been a pretty big disappointment for their fans. Qualifying for Dreamhack is a big thing which Cloud 9 need to do. Mixcat have some great players, but I don’t think you can compare them to Cloud 9 who have been a team for longer and they are just in general better.

I expect the odds to settle at 90-10 or even worse than that, so I wouldn’t advise to bet on this as it is pretty one sided and returns wouldn’t be too great. I would however suggest for you to use this match to get some skins into your returns in case the CSGL bots go down.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 85:15 ROCCAT


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