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2015/09/23 03:00 UTC

Winner AceG

Noble vs. AceG @CEVO Predictions

The Teams

Noble recently went through some controversy and big roster changes, swapping out three of their players for emong, fl0m and sh0ts. We have not really seem them that much lately since they made the changes. I personally watched a few of their streams and it was quite refreshing to hear how relaxed the atmosphere was in their squad. How they will be, remains to be seen as they have no played that much since. They also informed the people on reddit they were unprepared for this match, so bet with caution.

Ace are the team that surprised people and qualified for ESWC. They also performed well at the WinOut LAN, especially cJ and n0swal. They are a solid team with good team work, who lack the individual skill of some teams, but make up for it with their team play.

The Match

This is a BO1 from NA, with lower tier teams and is about as random as it gets. You would have to say Ace are the favourites here as they have been a team for a longer period of time, will have things more settled, and have better team play as the players synergy will be a lot stronger. Unfortunately, a lot of this can be redundant when it comes to BO1’s.

My Prediction

With the unpredictable nature of this game, I will personally be betting on Noble. I have a past with rob-wiz, and I believe in his squad and players to be able to perform tonight. The real odds in my eyes are about 60-40, so follow closely the odds and see how Ace perform in their first game. What happens there will impact this match greatly. I still think Ace are the favourites for tonight,and are the safer bet. If Ace win the match against Conquest, then the odds will be great for Noble. If they get smashed however, it might be too risky to bet on either side.

My odds for this match: Noble 40:60 AceG

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