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GameAgents League

Best Of 2
2015/09/24 18:00 UTC

Winner M&R


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Volgare vs. M&R @GameAgents League

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To keep a long story somewhat short, Max and Relax be able to take a map off Volgare. Max and Relax have superior aim and they were able to 2-0 SK earlier today with an impressive 16-2 win on Train. Max and Relax are slowing climbing in points in this league, and they are tied with Reason and sitting behind F3. Volgare a smack bang at the bottom, with 1 point (0 wins, 1 tie, 6 losses).

If the odds to suggest a bet on Max and Relax, I’ll put some skins on them. I really do believe that they will be able to take at least one map which will secure my skins. If the thought of Max and Relax throwing scares you, just skip this match and save your sweat for another match. I personally don’t think that Volgare care too much about this league anymore since they are sitting on the bottom of the board with just 1 point.

My odds for this match: Volgare 35:65 M&R

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time i will look into Volgare vs MaxAndRelax(MAR). MAR was previously known as NerdRage.

I’m a little short on time so i’ll do this one quickly. Some people say MAR threw against Reason. This is something that concerns me a lot. If they do this prediction will be useless. No one can predict a throw so it might be smart to SKIP this one.

Lets talk about the teams. Skill wise i would just go straight in the favor of MAR. I just think have an better overall  map pool and the win ratio is around 20% higher then Volgare.

Like i said before it is a risk so a skip might be the best idea. However if you want to bet i say you could go medium on MAR. I just think they are a better team. It is a best of 2 so if they take atleast one map your items should be safe.

I just hope they don’t throw. This match, with the current odds(35-65) is just great for some good skins.




My odds for this match: Volgare 30:70 M&R


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