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Best Of 3
2015/09/24 15:30 UTC

Winner Liquid

Renegades vs. Liquid @Dreamhack Predictions

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again covering a match. Today i will take a look at renegades Vs Liquid. It is a LAN match so keep that in mind.

These teams have faced each other before on a best of 3 ( Renegades won ). The line-up were pretty much the same. However this is some time ago and i will not look into this.

Renegades is a team that has been around for a while(they played under different names though.) the have been on a good amount of LAN events so they should be kind of used to it. This also count’s for liquid.

Both teams haven’t played to much  lately, sitting around 40-55 hours a player is something i think is not enough for pro players preparing for a lan.

If we take a look at the favorite map of both teams we can see that they have the same one, cache. Im sure this map will be picked by one of the teams. If i look at the stats both teams have on this map i have give liquid they advantage.

The overall maps for liquid should be better. But i know that renegades is just not a bad team. They can upset liquid on maps. I think renegades doesn’t want to play Overpass & dust2. If, for example, inferno gets picked i prefer renegades do take that one. Cache will probably go into the favor of Liquid but i wouldn’t be surprised if Renegades take it.

Long story short, Liquid has the advantage in this best of 3 they seem just a little bit better overall. Aim wise they meet up a lot with each other only Hiko(liquid) standing out a bit. The odds aren’t to bad at the moment to give renegades a shot on winning this one. An ICB on Renegades is something you might do. Otherwise just go low on Liquid.



My odds for this match: Renegades 45:55 Liquid

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